Sideshow: Celebs hail Supremes' ruling

Kristen Bell proposed to Dax Shepard via Twitter. They had vowed not to marry until gays could.
Kristen Bell proposed to Dax Shepard via Twitter. They had vowed not to marry until gays could. (CHRISTOPHER POLK / Getty Images)
Posted: June 27, 2013

Celebrities on Wednesday reacted en masse to the decision by the Supreme Court to ax the Defense of Marriage Act and allow same-sex marriages in California.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard had vowed not to wed until gays could. Wednesday, Bell proposed via Twitter. Eliza Dushku reminded Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie that they had made the same blood oath. "Your move # Brangelina," said the Dollhouse doll.

Social media is aglut with reactions. "Hello #equality," said Ben Affleck. "We stand tall today. . . . So many fought for so long. Be proud, the prejudiced are now the minority," said Lady Gaga.

As is her wont, Joan Rivers went for the style jugular: "Any straight person complaining about the [ruling] . . . should be forced to hire a heterosexual wedding planner." CNN's Piers Morgan, was succinct: "RIP bigotry."

Even Milano was a teen

Before she was a sex symbol, Alyssa Milano was a teen whose growing pains were bare for all to see on Who's the Boss?

"It wasn't weird, because I didn't know any different. You know, I went through puberty like everyone else," Milano, 40, tells Maxim of growing up on TV. (She's shown exposing herself on the mag cover in a manner sexy yet tasteful.) "It only got embarrassing when the show would take what was going on with me and write it into the show, like 'Samantha's First Bra,' " says Milano, referring to a Season 1 episode. "It was like, OK, guys, do we really need to do this? But what an awesome time stamp!"

Emma Watson shocker!

Women the world over are dumbstruck. Some cowered in fear; others raised their pitchforks and called for Emma Watson to be burnt as a witch. The Harry Potter star's heinous crime? "I've got about eight pairs of shoes and that's it," Emma tells Britain's Radio Times.

Emma anti-American?

Emma's shocking admission came as part of a rant against celebs' consumer product hoarding ethic. (The American way, baby!)

Especially Paris Hilton.

Emma's new movie, The Bling Ring, is about the infamous gang of teens who robbed Hollywood homes.

They came away with enough stuff from Paris' closet to clothe, feed, and shelter Somalia for 100 years.

"Half of them . . . still had the price tag on," says Emma. "I suppose she just bought them to have them. We've all bought things on impulse, but that's an entirely different thing. . . . It's almost like consumerism as a form of kleptomania."

Kanye West, chart god

His LP, Yeezus, debuted atop the Billboard chart this week, selling a whopping 327,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Guess all the soul-crushing publicity worked. J. Cole's Born Sinner debuted at No. 2 (297,000) while Mac Miller's Watching Movies With the Sound Off is at No. 3 (102,000).

Miley will marry someday

Miley Cyrus performed on Good Morning America Wednesday to plug her new single, "We Can't Stop."

Miley, all of 20, talked about how her romance with Liam Hemsworth has helped her mature. So, she's still engaged to the lovable lug? "I'm wearing a ring, so . . .."

Tidbits 'n' pieces

Full House's Jodie Sweetin, 31, has filed for separation from third husband Morty Coyle after 15 months, says TMZ. She wants the 2000 Toyota Avalon. . . . Beck's Beer, whose Art Label brand has borne designs by Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono, and Jeff Koons, is launching 13 mil artsy bottles designed by musicians Kid Cudi and Willis Earl Beal, designer Marc Ecko, digital and multimedia artists TM Sisters and the Date Farmers, and photog William Hundley. . . . Oprah is the most powerful celebrity in this and any parallel universe. The OWN founder is No. 1 on Forbes' Celebrity 100 List, moving up a rung from last year. The top five is rounded out by Lady Gaga, Steven Spielberg, Beyoncé, and Madonna. The ranking is determined by a formula that measures wealth and fame.

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