Former Celtic guard Herren tells NFL rookies not to get drug down

Posted: June 27, 2013

TWO YEARS ago, former Celtics point guard Chris Herren was the subject of an excellent ESPN 30-for-30 documentary titled "Unguarded."

In it, Herren gave a brutally honest account of how drug addiction ruined his NBA career. Eventually, he got clean and is now counseling others.

Which brings us to the NFL Rookie Symposium being held this week in Aurora, Ohio.

Herren recently spoke. The rookies - if they are smart - listened.

"My opening line to them was, 'Unfortunately, in the room right now there are more future drunks and drug addicts than there are multimillionaires,' " Herren told "And you can choose not to listen. You can choose to say that's not me, I'll never be that guy, but I said the same thing when I sat in my rookie transition program in 1999."

Herren played for Denver (1999-00) and Boston (2000-01). He was a McDonald's All-American in high school and played for Boston College and Fresno State.

He said people warned him to stay away from drugs, in much the same way he warned the NFL rookies. But, sadly, he didn't listen.

"I would do just about anything to sit in that front row again," he said.

Paybacks are a . . .

On May 13, the Maple Leafs blew a three-goal, third-period lead en route to a Game 7 overtime loss to the Bruins in the opening round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The loss was devastating to the Leafs and to the city of Toronto.

Yesterday, hours after the Blackhawks scored two third-period goals against the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup in six games, the Toronto Sun published a memorable front page.

It featured a color photo of Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews jubilantly skating while holding the Stanley Cup aloft.

The headline read:

To: Chicago


Love: Toronto

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