Letters: Paula Deen still stirring things up

Posted: July 05, 2013

MR. SCHAFFER, there is a very simple answer to your question [about Paula Deen using the N-word]. The reason is, that as a white person that is not her descriptive word to use.

Why do you feel that she, a white woman, is justified in using a term that historically has been used by overtly racist people to express their loathing of black people? Just because Jeff Foxworthy kicks the redneck word around doesn't mean that it's mine to kick around in polite society.

The minute some one outside your race starts to call you PWT you're going to start feeling some type of way. But you take no offense when it comes out of Jerry Springer's mouth.

Get a grip, Mr. Schaffer, you cannot possibly be as naive as you pretend to be in your letter.

C.M. Parns


So, Paula Deen is fired for using the N-word, while Dan Snyder will continue making gazillions using the "R" word, and the American people once again see that money talks and the "B" word walks.

Kenneth Drach

Bensalem, Pa.

A week(ly) argument

Why does the Philadelphia Police Department waste time and man power on street prostitution stings netting a few johns, when the weekly papers openly run numerous ads offering sex services, yet are virtually ignored?

John Waltrich


Sprinkle liberally

Ms. Dougherty is on her anti-liberal, anti-Obama monthly rant once again, blaming Obama and the liberals for everything that's wrong with the country.

I suppose those liberals in the state Legislature (wait, there aren't any) are responsible for a do-nothing budget. Or those liberals are responsible for not taxing natural gas. Or those liberals are responsible for no highway funding.

Say it like it is, Ms. Dougherty, you are a blatant racist and until Mr. Obama is gone you will continue to attack. I feel sorry for you, you let your racism cloud your judgment. That's a sad thing.

Joe Orenstein


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