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Posted: July 06, 2013

Nina Wang's ex-lover gets jail

HONG KONG - The former lover and fortune teller of quirky billionaire Nina Wang was sentenced Friday to 12 years in prison after a Hong Kong court found him guilty of forging a will to claim her multibillion-dollar estate.

High Court Justice Andrew Macrae said Peter Chan's attempt to pass himself off as the beneficiary of Nina Wang's fortune, estimated by prosecutors at 83 billion Hong Kong dollars ($10.7 billion), was "shameless, wicked, and born of unparalleled greed."

Wang, once Asia's richest woman, died in 2007 at age 69 after battling cancer. Hong Kong police charged Chan, 53, after a 2011 court ruling that a will purportedly leaving Wang's Chinachem Group to him was forged.

The legal battles over the will have enthralled the Chinese territory with their seamy mix of sex, big money, and fraud allegations. Hong Kongers were riveted by juicy revelations of Chan's affair with Wang, who was two decades older than him. She was nicknamed "Little Sweetie" for her girlish outfits and pigtail hairdo.

- AP

Police arrest 8 in raid on IRA

DUBLIN, Ireland - Police charged eight men with Irish Republican Army membership Friday after police raided a suspected meeting of the outlaws' Dublin leadership, inflicting what a senior police officer called a major blow to the "New IRA" splinter group.

All eight men were being arraigned Friday night at Ireland's antiterrorist Special Criminal Court, which handles IRA-related cases with three judges and no jury.

Most IRA members renounced violence and disarmed in 2005 following a failed 1970-1997 campaign to force Northern Ireland out of the United Kingdom that left nearly 1,800 people dead. But several small splinter groups have persisted with sporadic attacks. - AP

Outrage over raped child

SANTIAGO, Chile - The case of a pregnant 11-year-old girl who was raped in Chile by her mother's partner has set off a national debate about abortion in one of the most socially conservative countries in Latin America.

Chileans were outraged Friday after state TV reported that the child was 14 weeks pregnant and was raped repeatedly over two years. Police in the remote southern city of Puerto Montt arrested her mother's partner, who reportedly confessed to abusing the fifth grader. The case was brought to their attention by the pregnant child's maternal grandmother.

Doctors say the girl's life and that of the fetus are at high risk. But in Chile, ending the pregnancy is not an option. Chile allowed abortions for medical reasons until they were outlawed in 1973 by Gen. Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship. - AP

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