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Eva Longoria (left) talked about her new relationship. Jennifer Love Hewitt dropped her Twitter account mid-pregnancy.
Eva Longoria (left) talked about her new relationship. Jennifer Love Hewitt dropped her Twitter account mid-pregnancy.

Also: Eva's got a beau and J. Love quits Twitter

Posted: July 07, 2013

THE WEEK in Tattle was interrupted by our nation's birthday.


50 Cent's ex-girlfriend/baby mama accused him of wrecking her condo and kicking her. He denied it. But police estimated that someone did around $7,000 worth of damage.

Tattle Comics Guy Jerome Maida spoke with Marvel guru Stan Lee in New York and Stan said that Marvel's Phase Three movies, kicking off in 2016 or so, might include Black Panther and Dr. Strange.

Kerry Washington ("Scandal") married former Eagle Nnamdi Asomugha. For the sake of writers and copy editors, we hope she doesn't change her name.


Happy Birthday to us!


Alicia Silverstone announced she's created Kind Mama Milk Share, in which vegan moms who can't produce enough breast milk for their infants could get breast milk from other vegan moms. We still think Teat for America is a better name.

Christian Bale told Entertainment Weekly that if DC/Warner Bros. goes ahead with a Justice League movie, it's going to have to find another Batman. Fact or bargaining ploy?

Openly gay fashion columnist B. Scott wigged out on BET for making him change his outfit on the red carpet at the BET Awards to something a little less feminine.


Word leaked that former "American Idol" winner Ruben Studdard was going to be a contestant on the fall season of "The Biggest Loser." Let's see if he has as much success with Jillian Michaels as he did with Clay Aiken.

"Teen Mom"/sextape star Farrah Abraham checked into rehab for alcohol abuse.

That Jennifer Lopez concert in Turkmenistan, paid for by a Chinese oil company, which got Lopez in hot water with human rights groups? Us Weekly reported she got $1.5 million for the gig.


Jessica Simpson had a baby boy: Ace Knute Johnson.

On the eve of the Rolling Stones' concert at Glastonbury, Mick Jagger told the BBC that if he hadn't become a rocker, he might have become a journalist or politician - and believes he would have gotten more satisfaction out of teaching. But probably not as many babes.  

Paula Deen's publisher, Ballantine, canceled her five-book deal. Butter makers wept.

Hooking up?

After originally denying it, Eva Longoria admitted to "Access Hollywood" that she is dating Miami entrepreneur Ernesto Arguello. They met on the flop dating show, "Ready for Love," that Eva executive produced. Ernesto was a contestant. Let's face the cold, hard truth: If Eva Longoria has to go to all that trouble to get a date . . .

Moving up

When she returns from maternity leave, Fox News' semi-sane daytime anchor Megyn Kelly will get a primetime gig. Not clear at whose expense.

Shutting up

Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt has quit Twitter. Too much negativity. This gives J. Love followers more time to follow @DNTattle.

Shut them up

"Big Brother" cast members have been accused of racism and homophobia after making comments that were racist and homophobic. There really is no bar to how ignorant you can be to star in reality TV.

Cleaning up

Not Kanye West. Sources say he's not changing baby North's diapers. Why not? If she's Kanye's child her poop can't stink.

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