New 'Men' character will prefer women

Fans say Vin Diesel is hinting at a future Marvel-movie role.
Fans say Vin Diesel is hinting at a future Marvel-movie role.
Posted: July 12, 2013

"TWO AND A HALF MEN" is so crude now, it's probably not "must see" TV for social conservatives.

Next season, however, the sitcom may become a favorite of the Parents Television Council.

It's adding a lesbian.

The Los Angeles Times reports that partly as a replacement for half-man Angus T. Jones - who publicly bashed his own show as "filth" last year - the CBS hit is going to add a recurring and possibly permanent lesbian character named Jenny. She's the 21-year-old illegitimate daughter of Charlie Sheen's character, the late Charlie Harper.

The role of Jenny has yet to be cast, but reports say she's going to be "sexy and gorgeous."

Said E! News: "(She) will share many traits with her deceased father, including her love of women."

'King' of the road

It's good to be the "King."

Disney Theatrical Productions said Wednesday that the total touring box-office gross of "The Lion King" in North America has reached $1 billion. Producers estimate that more than 15 million theatergoers in over 70 cities across North America have seen the show since 2002.

"King" reached its milestone quickly. Three national tours of "The Phantom of the Opera" have grossed more than $1.5 billion in combined box office sales, but the first kicked off in 1989.

Sheesh. Tattle needs to write a hit musical!

Travis on mend

Country-music stars and fans joined together to urge prayers for Randy Travis as he recovered from brain surgery following a stroke at a Texas hospital.

Travis remained in critical condition after surgery yesterday to relieve pressure on his brain, publicist Kirt Webster said. The 54-year-old Grammy winner had been improving while being treated for heart failure caused by a viral infection when he had the stroke.

Stars including Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum, Martina McBride, Brad Paisley and the Grand Ole Opry tweeted their concerns and joined Webster's call for prayers. Hundreds posted messages with #PrayforRandy.

Webster said from the hospital that Travis' fiancee Mary Beougher was at his side and that he is surrounded by family and friends, including his brother, Dennis Traywick, and his pastor, Jeff Perry. Kenny Rogers, the Oak Ridge Boys, Chuck Norris, Lyle Lovett, Ray Price and others have called to check in on Travis.

The North Carolina-born Travis is a country traditionalist known for the hit "Forever and Ever, Amen." His 1986 debut album "Storms of Life" sold 3 million copies, and helped return country music to the sound of Hank Williams and George Jones.

"I always feel like he's part of our family, he's in our family," Keith Urban said in an interview Wednesday morning in Nashville. "And I was one of those guys in Australia that bought 'Storms of Life' and became a Randy fan very quickly in late '80s, and I really feel for him right now."

This Justin

Rapper Lil Twist (a/k/a Christopher Moore) has been arrested for investigation of driving under the influence after being stopped in California behind the wheel of Justin Bieber's luxury sports car.

L.A. County Sheriff's Department 24/7 spokesman Steve Whitmore said Twist was pulled over about 3:30 a.m. yesterday on a Calabasas road leading to the Biebs' gated community.

Authorities say Moore was driving between 60 and 70 mph in an area that has a 30 mph speed limit because of construction.

Investigators think Twist may have been under the influence of marijuana. Bail was set at $5,000.

* Justin Bieber has apologized by phone to Bill Clinton for cursing the former president and spraying his photo with cleaning fluid in a New York City restaurant kitchen earlier this year.

Clinton's office said yesterday that Bieber called and "apologized and offered to help the Clinton Foundation."

Bieber tweeted to his more than 41 million followers Wednesday night, thanking Clinton "for taking the time to talk." Bieber tweeted: "Your words meant alot. #greatguy."

@DNTattle: #whatatool.

* In Chicago, Bieber is listed as an underage guest on a citation that police issued to a nightclub.

Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection spokeswoman Jennifer Lipford confirmed Thursday that the 19-year-old "(I'm acting like a) Baby, Baby, Baby" singer, was listed as an underage guest on the citation. She says police cited Bodi nightclub early Wednesday for admitting and knowingly having an underage person in the establishment.

Bieber performed in Chicago Tuesday evening.

Bodi could be fined up to $1,000.

Vision of Vin

Marvel has a strict policy forbidding any potential stars in their films to speak about them until they give the green light, but Tattle Comics Guy Jerome Maida, reading between the lines of Vin Diesel's Facebook page, thinks the "Fast and Furious" star is cleverly letting his fans know that he will be playing Avengers mainstay The Vision.

First of all, the picture: He's standing in front of the comic book "Avengers No. 2," a pretty clear indication he's to be part of the "Avengers 2" movie, and not one of the standalone films of future Marvel phases.

Second, there is the text itself: "Thanks to our page, for pushing to make it happen . . ." Most people don't know that Vin's fans started this whole thing. Some of them created fan art linking him to the Vision, and then Diesel himself acknowledged it by posting it to his account.

"[Y]ou know I get tunnel vision with my work . . . and after that meeting today . . . wow!"

Tunnel VISION?!

Vin Diesel, master encryptor.

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