For Delaney, Villanova the Wright choice

ELIZABETH ROBERTSON / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Tim Delaney , of Pitman (N.J.) High, is giving Villanova a shot.
ELIZABETH ROBERTSON / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Tim Delaney , of Pitman (N.J.) High, is giving Villanova a shot.
Posted: July 12, 2013

JAY WRIGHT has a knack for recruiting.

He seems to have a formula for convincing the best players in the area to play for Villanova.

Wright struck again in June when he got a verbal commitment from Pitman (N.J.) High School junior forward Tim Delaney.

"When I went up there, I just felt like I really connected with the coaching staff and the players," Delaney said. "They are all great guys. I just felt really at home"

The Villanova coaching staff has won over high-level area prospects such as Darryl Reynolds of Lower Merion and Mikal Bridges of Great Valley in the past few months, boosting its program in the process.

For Delaney, it was not only the coaching staff and his future teammates who swayed him into making an early decision.

"I wanted to be close to my brothers because we are really close," Delaney said. "My family is very important to me. So being close to them was very important to me. Villanova also gave me an opportunity to play basketball at what I think is a pretty high level."

Delaney has two brothers who he would like to be able to visit regularly. Andrew is in seventh grade, and Matthew is in fifth. Only 29.5 miles separates the campuses of Pitman High School and Villanova, a manageable distance for brothers to reconnect.

"I think Tim just enjoys his family," Delaney's AAU coach Terrell Myers said. "He has a great family. There's nothing like having your family be a part of that experience. I think being close to home was something that was very important to him. There's nothing like walking out of a good game and seeing your family there."

Delaney's future was not always so clear. His recruitment really took off in the last year, after a bit of a slow start. The 6-8 power forward credits playing in the offseason for the jump in interest from college coaches.

"I was playing with the AAU team WE R1, and we have a lot of great talent on that team," Delaney said. "Each person helps everyone else with their recruiting because they bring a lot of coaches in so they get to see everyone."

Delaney developed his game while on WE R1, as well as grew a few inches, which also improved his recruiting stock. Delaney received offers from Penn State, Oregon State, and Rutgers, and heard from national powers such as Indiana, Butler and Notre Dame. Each of the Big 5 schools also contacted him.

"For his size, his ability to shoot the ball from the outside is pretty good for a young player," Myers said. "He has so much more to learn and grow. I think he is just scratching the surface of what he can be."

Delaney intends on staying with WE R1 for the remainder of his AAU career. He said he has to improve on his perimeter defense. When asked about his strengths, Delaney said, "My ability to be in the post, but if they throw a bigger defender on me to step out and shoot. I'm going to do whatever I can [for Villanova]. Whether it's post-offense, shooting, whatever they need me to do I will be happy to do."

Myers believes Delaney will be a good addition for the Wildcats.

"He's a big guy that can open up the floor," Myers said. " He's probably [going to be] 6-foot-9, 6-foot-10, could easily be 6-foot-11, with the ability to shoot the ball from the outside that can open it up the guards, and he can make plays for people. The kid really knows the game. He really brings a basketball IQ that is needed in today's game for kids coming out of high school."

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