Sideshow: Going Gaga over 'ARTPOP'

Posted: July 14, 2013

The Monster Mistress returns!! Lady Gaga said Friday on her Facebook page that her new album, ARTPOP, will be out Nov. 11, and the new single from it, the first monster spawn, shall plop Aug. 19. She even has had ARTPOP, a word that evidently means everything and not much, tattooed on the side of her left arm. It says here in this here press release that for Lady G, it is a "celebration of obsession," and after all, what isn't? Also, there will be an app that modestly aims at "altering human experience with social media" and "bring ARTculture into POP in a reverse Warholian expedition." Which is either frightening or hilarious or something.

Lambert finds 'Glee'

Adam Lambert, quondam American Idol runner-up, just got a TV gig - landing a role (top-secret!) on the fifth season of Glee this fall. One of the producers even called him "talented"! Adam loves Glee, finds it "so cute" and "irresistible," and has said he'd like to star as himself. Think he could manage it?

'Sharknado' Tweetnado

We feel honor-bound to say a few words about Syfy's made-for-nothing movie Sharknado, which went up in a wet whirl Thursday night.

Here are the words. Dumb. Why? Yech. Huh? Hahaha. That's a few.

We will say that the Twitter campaign for the show, which had thousands dutifully retweeting the hashtag #sharknado without knowing what the heck they were doing, was hilarious enough; it was still Twitter-trending the next day.

The movie itself defies - yea, it beggars - description, yea, it reams and everts human mentation itself.

Tweeting celebs got into the act and said some very funny things. We did love Mia Farrow's orgasmic tweet: "omg omg OMG #sharknado." This caused SideShow favorite Olivia Wilde to tweet: "I just recorded it based on this review." B.J. Novak wrote the brilliant "I'm afraid that now when we have a real sharknado everyone's going to treat it like a joke." Elizabeth Banks tweeted: "Well, there goes my Emmy." And some tweeter handled TheTweetofGod suggested sequels such as Wolfcano, Hippoquake, Piranhurricane, Tarantulavalanche, and, of course, Lizard Blizzard. Can you have more dumb fun than this? Difficult, methinks.


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