Sideshow: Lohan about to get a reality check

The true identity of Robert Galbraith has been revealed.
The true identity of Robert Galbraith has been revealed. (AP, File)
Posted: July 16, 2013

Do we dream, or is it true? Lindsay Lohanis getting a reality TV show? We at SideShow thought we were her reality show! Oprah Winfrey says once LiLo wraps up this pesky rehab, she'll sit her down for an interview on Oprah's OWN (in August), then the show will roll out next year. Wow. No lack of material!

One flew under 'Cuckoo' radar

You may possibly have heard of J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter scribbler. So, did you buy this detective novel, The Cuckoo's Calling, by some dude named Robert Galbraith? It came out in April. Only about 1,500 did. Now guess what: J.K. is Robert Galbraith! Since the news leaked, Amazon sales were up by 150,000 percent. Check that math . . .

Two '2's too much for the rest

Despicable Me 2 held fast to the top spot in studio weekend box-office estimates. It took in $44.7 million, off 46 percent but still enough to hold off debut upstart Grown Ups 2 ($42.4 mils) in the battle of the 2s. The rest of the top 10: (3) Pacific Rim, debuting strong at $38.3 mils; (4) The Heat Fox, $14 mils; (5) The Lone Ranger, much maligned at $11 mils; (6) Monsters University , $10.6 mils; (7) World War Z, $9.4 mils; (8) White House Down, $6.1 mils; (9) Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain, $5 mils; and (10) Man of Steel, melting at $4.8 mils.


Alice hates folk music, got that?

Handicap golfer and aged rocker Alice Cooper smacked Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers during a talk with Fuse. They ain't no rock bands, he says; get those flutes and accordions out of here! He prescribed steaks, not the vegetarian folkie diet, to "get some blood pumping in their system." Give him Green Day and the Foo Fighters any day!


And now, the rest of the stories

Halle Berry did indeed wed Frenchperson Olivier Martinez in France on Saturday. Not to be outwed, late-night talker Jimmy Kimmel married Molly McNearney in Ojai, Calif., amid stars such as Jennifer Aniston/ Justin Theroux, Ellen DeGeneres/ Portia De Rossi, Kristen Bell/ Dax Shepard, Emily Blunt/ John Krasinski, and, oh yeah, Howard Stern. . . . Meantime, Jane Lynch has filed for divorce from Lara Embry. . . . Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, real name Stacy Ann Ferguson, wants a name change: to Fergie Duhamel, to reflect her marriedness to Josh Duhamel. . . . Alana De La Garza and hub Michael Roberts welcome daughter Liv Elena! . . . People mag says Jenny McCarthy is dating Donnie Wahlberg. . . . Does Tom Hanks still have that moustache?

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