D.A.: Darby Twp. cop 'terrorized' 2 women

Posted: August 01, 2013

CHRISTOPHER SCOTT hit his 30s and decided to become a cop.

So the burly Main Line resident graduated from the Police Academy and landed a part-time job at the Darby Township Police Department about a year ago.

At some point though, Delaware County authorities allege, the badge and gun went to the married man's head, and he morphed into a predator.

Yesterday, Scott, 34, of Berwyn, was busted for allegedly taking two 23-year-old women to a Springfield, Delaware County, park on separate nights last weekend and trying to talk them into sex in exchange for their freedom.

"They were terrorized," said District Attorney Jack Whelan. "They felt intimidated. They were crying the entire time, begging Officer Scott to take them home, or to even arrest them, but to take them out of that secluded area of that dark park."

Whelan and Darby Township Police Chief Leonard McDevitt say they're worried that the two cases aren't isolated.

The first woman was pulled over near R.P. McMurphy's in Ridley Township about 1:30 a.m. Saturday. Scott claimed she had run a stop sign. He ordered her to follow him to Crowell Park - outside his department's jurisdiction - and began propositioning her, Whelan said.

"He said to her, 'What can you do for me that I can let you go?' and insisted that she do something for him in order to be released," Whelan said. "She told him no. She got the insinuation."

After three hours, Scott let the woman drive back to her home in Upper Darby. He followed her in his police car, Whelan said, "all in an effort to intimidate, to harass and to dominate this woman."

Whelan said Scott had a second woman in custody in the same park about 3 a.m. Sunday when the boyfriend of the first victim walked up and confronted him, forcing Scott to speed off in his police cruiser.

McDevitt called Scott's behavior "extremely disturbing," but said his background check had come back clean when he was hired.

"These kind of people don't belong in police work," he said. "We certainly don't want them working for us."

McDevitt said he expects other women to come forward about prior encounters with Scott.

"I seriously believe there are going to be a lot more," he said.

Scott, who was charged with assault, harassment, stalking, kidnapping and related offenses, declined to comment yesterday as he was led out of the Media courthouse in handcuffs.

Anyone with additional information about Scott should call Delaware County Detective Robert Lythgoe at 610-891-4243.

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