Rutgers players get just desserts

Posted: August 22, 2013

I SCREAM, you scream, Kyle Flood screams for ice cream.

The Rutgers football coach recently ended practice by yelling for his players to line up and face him.

"If we're going to do that drill, we're going to do it right," he bellowed through a megaphone. "Or . . . we're going to get ICE CREAM!!"

With that, a Good Humor truck pulled alongside the field and the players showed just how fast they can sprint. In seconds, a large throng had surrounded the vehicle, shouting out orders.

Junior wide receiver Miles Shuler pulled a stealthy end-around, slipping over to the driver's side window.

"Hey you've got to give me some ice cream ," he pleaded. "Because I ain't gonna make it around to the other side."

Eventually, Flood approached the truck to place his order.

"I don't know what's left at this point," he said. "I think the offensive line and defensive line might have emptied this place out."

Flood, who has been at Rutgers since 2005, is in his first season as head coach. He took over for Greg Schiano, who left in January to become head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

James' close shave

Add LeBron James to the list of bald athletes.

Photos out of the Philippines, where King James was last month as part of Nike's "Witness History Tour," show the Heat star is sporting a shaved head.

Maybe he figured that since he can already play like Mike, he might as well look like him, too.

Happy birthday, Wilt

The late Wilt Chamberlain would have been 77 years old today. The Philly native, who starred at Overbrook High - and played for the 76ers, the Philadelphia/San Francisco Warriors and the Lakers - claimed to have slept with more than 20,000 women. He died on Oct. 12, 1999, at age 62.

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