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Posted: August 23, 2013

S YREETA LOCKETT, 27, of East Mount Airy, is founder and CEO of Dream Guider, which develops action plans to help clients turn dreams into reality. The company offers starter ($40), one-year ($250) and five-year ($1,000) plans that lay out monthly goals and objectives with articles and worksheets. Lockett, who formerly worked for a New York-based image agency, started the biz in March 2013. She also has modeled and in 2010 founded MosaMuse, a website for young women.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for Dream Guider?

A: A mentor told me about a website, LearnVest, that teaches young women how to make financial plans and take control of their money. I wanted to do the same thing about taking control of your own dreams. I met my first client in March, and his dream is his own entertainment label. He just shot his first video.

Q: What does the business do?

A: I put action plans to clients' dreams. We create a bio, get a Web presence and set goals. The one- and five-year plans include boot camps to help in areas where somebody is weak, such as time management or work ethic.

Q: How many clients?

A: Right now, I have five.

Q: How do you get clients?

A: I work full time for a marketing company, so Dream Guider is something I do on the side. I network, talk to people and promote Dream Guider on a website.

Q: How does your model differ from, say, life coaching?

A: For life coaches, it's "How can I get to the next step and connect with your actual life?" With dream plans, it's more about the future. I'm trying to move you forward to what you really want in life, not just alleviating the stress of your job or life situation.

Q: Of course, not all dreams come true, right?

A: I can't say just because you follow my plans you're going to achieve your dream. But whenever you take a step in anything it opens new doors. You don't know where it will take you, but it will be better than where you are now and on a path you desire. Entrepreneurs are open to possibilities that might come.

Q: With whom do you compete?

A: Personal coaches, [like] Dream University, do public speaking and get people amped up to write down vision plans, but I haven't found anybody who writes actual dream plans, gives you a road map and mentors you.

Q: What's the biggest challenge to growing the business?

A: Getting the word out. If I'm able to cast a wider net, I can reach more dreamers.

Q: What's next?

A: I'd like to have some sales people on board by the end of September, as independent contractors to start, so they'll get a 25 percent commission on everything they sell. The goal is to bring in at least two new clients a month.

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