Redskins 41, Eagles 0?

Posted: September 06, 2013

THE EAGLES aren't getting any love from ESPN.

First, senior NFL writer John Clayton ranked the Birds' Michael Vick at No. 25 among the league's 32 starting quarterbacks, behind the likes of the Bucs' Josh Freeman (23) and the Bengals' Andy Dalton (19).

For Vick, it was quite a drop from last season when Clayton had him at No. 9.

As if that wasn't bad enough, ESPN - in conjunction with Pro Football Focus - recently predicted the score of all 267 regular-season games this season.

Overall, they have the Birds going 6-10, which isn't that surprising coming off a 4-12 record. What is ridiculous, however, is the prediction for the Eagles' opening at Washington:

Redskins 41, Eagles 0

We don't know how they came up with that result, but historically the Eagles don't post a goose egg in Week 1. In fact, it's happened only six times, and just once against the Redskins (7-0 loss in 1937).

Futhermore, the last time the Redskins shut out the Eagles was in '91 by a score of 23-0. And, the last time the Redskins dropped 40 or more on the Birds the score as 41-14 in '86.

The prognosticators have the Redskins winning the NFC East with a 10-6 record, followed by the Cowboys and Giants, each at 8-8.

For what it's worth, ESPN/PFF has the Eagles beating the Chargers, 27-21 in Week 2 at the Linc and knocking off the visiting Chiefs, 30-27 in Week 3. They they get clocked by the Broncos, in 45-24 in Denver, and don't win again until Week 7.

Here are the rest of the predictions for the Eagles season:

Week 5: at Giants 31, Eagles 23

Week 6: at Bucs 30, Eagles 23

Week 7: Eagles 24, Cowboys 22

Week 8: Giants 34, Eagles 31

Week 9: at Raiders 17, Eagles 13

Week 10: at Packers 51, Eagles 20

Week 11: Redskins 27, Eagles 24

Week 12: Bye

Week 13: Eagles 42, Cardinals 20

Week 14: Eagles 27, Lions 12

Week 15: at Vikings 24, Eagles 17

Week 16: Eagles 23, Bears 16

Week 17: at Cowboys 17, Eagles 3

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