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ASSOCIATED PRESS T.O.: Back on air with Graham.
ASSOCIATED PRESS T.O.: Back on air with Graham.
Posted: September 09, 2013

FORMER Philadelphia Eagle Terrell Owens will go back on the TV show that got him suspended from the Eagles - "In Depth with Graham Bensinger." During a 2005 appearance, he accused the team of lacking class and also complained about the team not celebrating his 100th touchdown catch.

"I just never really felt that, you know, doing an interview, you know, at that time, which I felt was harmless, would take my career to a turn of where it was," Owens says on the new episode, which airs Sunday on NBC at 12:35 a.m.

The former wide receiver talks about a variety of things, including his beef with former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb and whether he's really broke.

"I wouldn't say I'm broke, you know, maybe in a financial bind," Owens says.

Sounds broke to us.

Earlier this week . . .


Girrrrl, Bravo's "Real Housewives of Atlanta" were back in the news yesterday.

Word is that hot-as-hell Apollo Nida beat the crap out of Kenya Moore's assistant, Brandon DeShazer. Nida, you may recall, is married to Phaedra Parks, a curvaceous entertainment lawyer who co-stars on the show.

Parks had hired Moore to produce her "Donkey Booty" video, but when the deal went sour, Moore put out her own workout video, calling it "Booty Boot Camp."

Apparently, Nida and Parks still were simmering over what went down, because during a recent party being filmed for the upcoming season, Nida reportedly went ballistic. According to TMZ, Nida, who has served prison time, had to be restrained by seven male crew members. Nida, however, claims he tried to break up a fight on set and was attacked by DeShazer.

Tattle doesn't know who's telling the truth. All we know for sure is that it all sounds like more drama.


What kind of blurred lines are there in Robin Thicke's marriage? One day we see a photo of the "Blurred Lines" singer's hand on a 20-year-old's butt, then we hear from Paula Patton's rep that the owner of that backside is just a woman looking for attention. Maybe. But what about those sleazy allegations from Lana Scolaro that she and Thicke were kissing at a party while wife Paula Patton was nearby?

The latest is that Patton has been photographed playing kissy-face with her hubby of eight years and talking about being in love. She told, "He loves me so much, and the feeling is mutual. The best is when you love someone deeply and those feelings are equally returned. Also, Robin is really there for me. When times are good or bad or sad or happy or boring, just having somebody by your side to help you through means everything. I know I can count on him standing right next to me always."

Uh-oh. Girlfriend broke a cardinal rule: Don't brag about your man. Everyone knows once you do, trouble follows. Let's hope Tattle's wrong about this old wives' tale.


The world digested a report by Life & Style magazine on Wednesday that Kim Kardashian and baby daddy Kanye West won't let their daughter wear pink. Only cream, black and white for little North West. We've figured out why: The poor kid's in mourning for what her life's going to be like with these two as parents.


Oh no, she didn't. That's what the Twittersphere was saying after an encore showing of "The Talk" featured African-American co-host Sheryl Underwood joking about black women's natural hair. The co-stars had been discussing how "Project Runway" host Heidi Klum, who was once married to Seal, saves her children's hair after it has been cut. That led Underwood to say, "I'm sorry, but why would you save Afro hair? . . . That just seems nasty." Co-host Sarah Gilbert pointed out that she also saves her children's hair, and Underwood said, it was "probably some beautiful, long, silky stuff. That's not what an Afro is." Meanwhile, Underwood is sitting onset wearing a long, flowing wig instead of her own hair. Tattle is flabbergasted - not to mention totally disgusted at Underwood's level of self-hate.

- Daily News wire services contributed to this report.

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