Sideshow: Kimmel's star power

Paul McCartney will take the outdoor stage of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Monday in Los Angeles.
Paul McCartney will take the outdoor stage of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Monday in Los Angeles. (RANDY HOLMES / ABC)
Posted: September 19, 2013

How big is Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show?

So big that on Monday, Paul McCartney, 71, will hold an outdoor concert for a segment on the show. So big that a day later, Justin Timberlake will pull the same stunt.

A gazillion-mile stretch of Hollywood Boulevard leading to Kimmel's studio will be cordoned off to make room for the millions who'll come.

Oh Liam! Oh!

Oh, you cad!

A day after news broke that Liam Hemsworth and the recently hypersexualized Miley Cyrus have broken up comes a report that Liam was seen over the weekend acting generally happy in the company of Mexican singer Eiza González at a Las Vegas nightclub, E! News says.

Don't google Lily!

For real. Mortal Instruments: City of Bones ingenue Lily Collins, 24, is more likely to kill your computer than any other celeb. Genesis warbler Phil Collins' daughter is No. 1 on McAfee's list of Most Dangerous Celebrities to search for on the web. Her name has a 14.5 percent chance of pulling up results that will infect your machine with malware and viruses. Avril Lavigne, Sandra Bullock, Kathy Griffin, and Zoe Saldana round out the all-female top five.

The end of 'Mad Men'

The final last season of AMC's epochal drama Mad Men will be shown in two seven-episode chunks, the first in spring 2014, the second in spring 2015.

Spears family mess

Is Britney Spears ready to take back her life? Is her dad, Jamie, who has had conservatorship over the struggling bad girl for five years, taking advantage of her? E! News says Jamie, whose legal and financial control over Brit's affairs is regulated by a court, has asked that he continue to receive a monthly allowance of $16,000. He also wants Brit's estate to pay for the office he rents for $1,200 a month. Brit, the conservatorship attorneys argued in court papers, is in "excellent financial status."

A mature Batman

Ben Affleck is resolved: No amount of ridicule will deter him from playing Batman. "I'm a big boy. I can handle any snub," Ben, 41, told Jimmy Fallon Monday night. He said he thought long and hard before accepting the role.

"The [producers] called me up and said, 'Do you wanna do this'?" said Ben, "and I thought, 'Well, I'm not 25, man. Are you sure about this'?" He got sure.

Julie Chen responds

We imagine it took courage for TV news veteran Julie Chen to reveal that she gave in to showbiz racial prejudice and had surgery on her eyes to make them look more Caucasian. She was even prepared for backlash - but not for the wave of hatred she got from fellow Asians.

"It was comments like, 'Way to give in to the Western standards of beauty,' 'You're trying to look less Asian'," said Chen on her CBS talk show. "Guess what?" she added, "I don't look less Chinese!"

A diploma for Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg, 42, who dropped out of school in ninth grade, has completed his high school diploma, he writes on the Huffington Post. The actor decided to do it as a way to teach his four kids an important life lesson.

"I didn't want the kids saying, 'You didn't [finish school], so why do I need it'?" he said. "They are all wanting to do things in their future that require an education."

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