Sideshow: The Dude . . . is the Dude

Jeff Bridges says he led wedding guests in "a big om-ing session. . . . I think everybody got off."
Jeff Bridges says he led wedding guests in "a big om-ing session. . . . I think everybody got off." (JASON MERRITT / Getty Images)
Posted: September 20, 2013

Jeff Bridges really and truly is the Dude, that mellow, Zenned-out character he played in the Coen Brothers' '98 masterpiece, The Big Lebowski. The Buddhist adept, who has been married to Susan Geston for more than 35 years, is soo cool that he had everyone at his eldest daughter Isabelle Annie's wedding sit down and meditate, he tells GQ.

"We had a big party at our house. And to some people's embarrassment - I think my daughter kind of dug it, my wife probably thought it was over the top - I led everybody in a big om-ing session for about five minutes," Bridges says. "I thought everybody got off. But I was pretty drunk myself."

Bridges believes married couples have the same fight every time they fight. "Basically the fight is: You don't get it." He gets metaphysical. "None of us, none of us, get each other. So you have to just be  with that." Conclusion: "your love has to get bigger to hold that misunderstanding, that mystery."

Paltrow on sex, health care

Hang on to your hats. Thanks for Sharing star Gwyneth Paltrow has made a shocking discovery: Our society is obsessed with sex. It worries her. "There's a lot of sex, especially as a mother and having children with access to the Internet," Paltrow tells "It's quite scary how accessible sex is and how it's everywhere. It is definitely not a very innocent time."

Gwyn lives in London with hub Chris Martin and their kids, Apple and Moses, in a country that has universal health care. She likes that. She thinks President Obama had the right idea on health care. "I've been living in London for 11 years where health care is the right of everyone," she says. "And I feel like the taxes that we pay, people should have the right to health care [in America]."

More Miley via Cher

Pop music grande dame Cher, 67, has tweeted a non-apology apology for dissing Miley Cyrus after the young'un's twerkstering VMA show. "I'm not old-fashioned. She could have come out naked," Cher told USA Today. "It just wasn't done well. She can't dance." Now she says, "I'm a little ashamed. . . . I didn't keep my big Opinionated mouth shut."

Gossip petits fours

RadarOnline says wannabe sexpot Miley Cyrus is keeping the $25,000 engagement ring ex-beau Liam Hemsworth gave her. . . . Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are not pregnant, her rep tells the New York Post. . . . Where would George Costanza be today, 15 years after Seinfeld ended? "George will probably have a wife and kids," Jerry Seinfeld tells the Hollywood Reporter, "very normal and suburban and he would be tortured."

Keith Urban takes No. 1

Nicole Kidman's main man, Aussie country twanger Keith Urban, 45, commands the top rung on Billboard's album chart with Fuse, which sold 98,000 units in its debut week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The Weeknd's Kiss Land drops down to No. 2, with 96,000. B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time from hip-hopster 2 Chainz debuted at No. 3 with 63,000.

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