Teen Wolf targeted by web predator

Posted: September 27, 2013

NINETEEN-YEAR-OLD Jared James Abrahams was arrested yesterday in an investigation into the hacking of webcams at the homes of Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf and other young women in an attempt to extort nude photographs and videos, the FBI said.

Like Miss Teen USA would ever do anything untoward.

Abrahams surrendered to agents at the FBI office in Orange County, Calif., said FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller.

Wolf, also 19, won the Miss Teen USA crown Aug. 9. According to the criminal complaint that names her by initials, she was one of several female victims. The other victims were not identified.

Last month, Wolf told the "Today" show website that earlier this year she received an anonymous email in which the sender claimed to have stolen images from the camera on her home computer.

The sender of the email threatened to go public with images captured from Wolf's webcam unless she would provide nude pictures of herself, Eimiller said.

Instead, Wolf went to authorities.

Based on an investigation launched in March, the FBI said there were "multiple" victims from Wolf's area and beyond.

According to the complaint, Abrahams used malicious software to disguise his identity in order to capture nude photos or videos of victims through remote operation of cameras on their home computers without their consent. He allegedly contacted some victims using others' email accounts he had taken over. Abrahams, the complaint alleges, threatened to make public the images and videos unless they submitted to one of three demands: send nude photos, send a nude video, or log onto Skype and do what he says for five minutes.

Yes, you may now take a few minutes to stop reading and shower.

* There's another wolf being stalked, and Jessica Lange has had enough.

Lange, a Minnesota native, is urging Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton to suspend the state's wolf hunt, on behalf of anti-hunt group Howling for Wolves.

Didn't we see them perform at Johnny Brenda's?

Lange wrote that methods used to trap and kill wolves are cruel, although Tattle might argue that trapping and killing of any method is cruel. Are hunters going to start killing wolves via lethal injection because it's more humane?

Lange noted that Minnesota's wolf population declined about 25 percent in the last five years, the lowest since 1988.

The letter is posted on Howling for Wolves' website. The group is leading the effort to collect more than 50,000 signatures to present to Dayton.

Dayton said in a statement yesterday that only the Minnesota Legislature can change the wolf hunt.


* A Detroit-area law firm has filed suit against the Four Tops, claiming the singing group owes it $109,000 in legal fees.

Sullivan, Ward, Asher & Patton will now be known as the Four Lawyers.

According to the Detroit News, the Southfield firm says it has provided legal services on behalf of the Four Tops, but the group failed to pay an outstanding balance of $109,156.73.

The Tops had no comment.

* A lawyer for Amanda Bynes said yesterday that he thinks her New York bong-throwing case will be resolved soon.

Guess the case went up in smoke.

* HBO says Robert De Niro will step into a project that was thrown into question by the death of James Gandolfini.

HBO said Wednesday that De Niro is taking on the role of a New York City attorney handling a murder case in the miniseries "Criminal Justice."

Gandolfini had played the attorney in the pilot episode.

* Sorry, Leonard, "The Big Bang Theory's" Kaley Cuoco may not want you barging in every 10 minutes.

After a quick courtship, Cuoco is engaged to tennis pro Ryan Sweeting, her rep confirms.

Ah, it's love.

She's 27, he's 26 and they began dating about three months ago.

The engagement comes a few days after Cuoco took Sweeting as her date to the Emmy Awards.

That must have been some after-Emmys ball.

Bill O'Reilly says God told him to write his new book, "Killing Jesus: A History."

The Fox News anchor explains in an interview on CBS' "60 Minutes" that one night he awoke with the title of the book in his head. He says he believes he got that message from the Holy Spirit.

Huh? Tattle wakes up with ideas all the time, but we're confident God wants no part of them.

Since the new best-seller follows O'Reilly's two previous best sellers, "Killing Lincoln" and "Killing Kennedy" it's difficult to know whether God messaged O'Reilly with "Jesus" or with "Killing."

One thing's for sure, God doesn't have a lot of imagination when it comes to book titles and would probably be a lousy headline writer.

O'Reilly says his new "Jesus" book is a researched, historic account (hint: you know the ending). Despite its de-emphasis of religion, O'Reilly says he is using his special gifts from God in a positive way.

He says it's all part of God's plan for him.

Oh, please. Did God also give you the idea for "Pinheads and Patriots"?

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