The Pick: Eagles-Broncos

Posted: September 27, 2013


IF I weren't such a chicken,

I'd at least pick the Eagles to cover. The Broncos are on a short week, the Birds are on a long week. The Eagles are eager to clean up some of the mistakes they made in losing what were, actually, winnable games against San Diego and Kansas City, especially San Diego. Denver might be due for a letdown; there's already some buzz about Peyton Manning's return to Indianapolis Oct. 20, the next time the Broncos play a team that doesn't figure to be at least a touchdown-plus underdog.

I sure wouldn't mind being wrong - the Eagles winning or even coming close would be a much better story than, "Hey, the thing everybody said was going to happen happened just like everybody said it would."

I think the Eagles' offense is better than it looked against Kansas City, especially the line. And when the offensive line is good, Michael Vick doesn't make nearly as many dagger-to-the-heart mistakes. If you have LeSean McCoy, you have a chance to move the ball on any defense.

But then, after reviewing all these factors, I look again at what Manning is doing this year, completing 73 percent of his passes. I look at his weapons. I look at the middle of the Eagles' defense.

Cluck, cluck.


Broncos 37, Eagles 25.

- Les Bowen

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