Eagles Notes: Kelly shows support for Henery

Alex Henery closes his eyes after missing a third-quarter field goal attempt. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)
Alex Henery closes his eyes after missing a third-quarter field goal attempt. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)
Posted: October 02, 2013

Eagles kicker Alex Henery received a vote of confidence from coach Chip Kelly one day after missing a field goal for the third straight game.

"I do have confidence in him," Kelly said Monday. "I know [special teams coordinator Davie] Fipp has confidence in him. I think he's a real accurate kicker. But from a kicking standpoint, I'm pretty confident in him."

All three of Henery's misses were from 40 to 49 yards. He was 15 of 16 during his first two seasons from that range and is 2 for 5 this season.

Henery, in his third season, was the most accurate kicker in Eagles history as a rookie, and his first two seasons were among the top four in franchise history.

Kelly said he did not see a pattern when studying the missed field goals.

"It's interesting when you analyze his three misses: One was right, one was left, one was right," Kelly said. "We look at everything. When someone makes a mistake, how do we correct it?"

Starters are safe

Don't expect any lineup changes when the Eagles visit the New York Giants on Sunday. Kelly hinted that there aren't changes to make and said that he wants to play every player who is dressed on game day.

"It's not like we're not getting guys in the game and guys aren't playing and guys aren't getting an opportunity," Kelly said. "You don't have a whole other [group] of guys. . . . There's not going to be [a new player] starting this week, but we've got to get all 46 guys playing."

Kicking, not gambling

Kelly disagreed with the suggestion that he wasn't aggressive against the Broncos because he opted to kick field goals twice on fourth downs in the red zone.

"I don't think that's conservative," Kelly said. "I think at that point in time when we made those decisions, we were trying to get points."

He said he did not consider going for it on fourth and 4 from the 17 or on fourth and 4 from the 7.

Polk impresses

Running back Chris Polk rushed for 33 yards and a touchdown on three carries against Denver. Polk also caught two passes for 19 yards. It was the first time Polk had a carry or catch in his career.

"I think Chris warranted some playing time from yesterday," Kelly said.

Extra points

Kelly said there were no serious injuries from Sunday's game. . . . The Eagles resume practice on Tuesday.

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