Hey, Giants, don't Tuck with Coughlin

Posted: October 02, 2013

IS THERE A RIFT in the Giants' locker room? Eagles fans can only hope.

According to a report, Giants defensive end Justin Tuck ordered his teammates to get behind head coach Tom Coughlin, or else.

"If anyone turns on our coach, I would be the first one to punch him in the mouth," Tuck told the New York Daily News. "And put that in print. It better not happen, I know that."

Tuck took offense at wide receiver Victor Cruz' questioning of Coughlin's playcalling during Sunday's 31-7 loss to the Chiefs that dropped the Giants to 0-4.

Cruz thought the coach should have gone for a first down on fourth-and-1 at the Giants' 30 late in the third quarter. The Giants trailed, 10-7, at the time, and Coughlin's decision to punt backfired when the Chiefs' Dexter McCluster scored on an 89-yard return.

At the time, Tuck said, "Every defensive player wanted [Coughlin] to go for it."

"That is why we probably will never be coaches." Tuck said. "That would have been a stupid move. Even if you get it, it would still be a stupid move."

Tuck went on the say that anyone who still thinks Coughlin should have gone for it is "an idiot. Does that apply to Cruz, he was asked.

"When it comes to coaching, yeah," Tuck answered.

Tito a funny guy

In 2011, the Boston Globe reported that the September collapse that caused the Red Sox to miss the playoffs was due, in part, to some pitcher drinking beer and eating fried chicken in the clubhouse during games. The manager at the time was Terry Francona.

Fast forward to this season.

Francona is now the skipper of the Indians, who went 21-6 in September to clinch an American League wild-card spot in the playoffs.

Yesterday, when asked to explain the team's success, Francona quipped: "We stayed away from chicken and beer."

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