Phillies draw more than 3 million fans despite drop in attendance

Posted: October 03, 2013

TO PARAPHRASE Mel Brooks and Sharon Stone, the Phillies' attendance is like sex - it's good even when it's bad.

Of course, they were talking about pizza not fans, but you get the idea.

This season - for the seventh consecutive year - the Phillies surpassed the three million mark at the gate, drawing 3,012,403 fans, an average of 37,910 per game.

That was eighth best in the baseball.

Still, that was 553,315 less than last season when they were first overall with a figure of 3,565,718, or 44,021 per game.

Overall, MLB's average attendance fell 1.2 percent this year. Individually, 15 of the 30 teams saw a drop in attendance from last season.

"After the challenges posed by poor weather early in the season, our game showed its resiliency with a terrific second half," commissioner Bud Selig said yesterday.

Baseball's total attendance was 74.03 million this year. While that was down from 75.86 million last season, it was still the sixth-highest of all time.

The top five teams were the Dodgers (3,743,527 overall, 46,216 per game), Cardinals (3,369,769, 41,602), Giants (3,326,796, 41,584), Yankees (3,279,589, 40,488) and Rangers (3,178,27, 38,759).

The bottom five were the Rays (1,510,300, 18,645), Marlins (1,586,322, 19,584), Indians (1,572,926, 19,661), Astros (1,651,883, 20,393) and Royals (1,750,754, 21,614).

Political football

Football games involving service academies may not be played this Saturday because of the government shutdown.

The Department of Defense has temporarily suspended all athletic events, according to a release by the Naval Academy.

That puts Navy's sold-out game against visiting Air Force in danger of being postponed. Army's game at Boston College may also be in jeopardy.

A Pentagon spokesman said the matter is being reviewed to determine whether funds for sports activities are congressionally appropriated.

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