Poll: Voters would choose any Dem over Corbett

Posted: October 10, 2013

HARRISBURG - There was more bad poll news this week for Gov. Corbett: One found that most voters would take any Democrat over the sitting governor.

The poll from Mercyhurst University in Erie found that 40 percent would support an unnamed Democrat in next year's gubernatorial race, while 29 percent would vote for Corbett. An additional 16 percent said they didn't know whom they would support, and 10 percent responded "neither" or "someone else."

Joseph Morris, director of the Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics, said the results were not a surprise, because other polls have shown that voters "largely disapprove" of Corbett's performance as governor.

"I think there is a feeling among Democrats in the state that, as long as they choose wisely, their candidate stands a good chance in 2014," he said Tuesday, a day after the numbers were released.

Corbett's campaign spokesman said "fictional candidates" always win in a hypothetical matchup.

"The fictional candidate is not an actual person with actual views," said spokesman Michael Barley. "Once you attach policies to that person, then you can have an actual discussion about where Pennsylvanians stand."

A record eight Democrats have entered the race. State Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn said the poll numbers reflected what he called Corbett's "failed policies."

The telephone poll of 579 adults was conducted between Sept. 17 and Thursday, and has a 4 percent margin of error.

The survey was conducted before Corbett landed in political hot water Friday after remarking, during a television interview, that he thought gay marriage was, legally speaking, the same as marriage between siblings.

The governor later apologized, but not before his comments went viral on news websites, blogs, and social media.


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Inquirer staff writer Angela Couloumbis contributed to this article.

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