Time has come for featherweight Cruz

Posted: October 11, 2013

WHEN A GAY boxer is fighting for a world championship and we haven't heard much about it, it lets us know how far we've come as a society.

Orlando Cruz, who came out last year as the first openly gay boxer, will be fighting Orlando Salido for the WBO featherweight title on the undercard of Timothy Bradley's fight with Juan Manuel Marquez in Las Vegas tomorrow night.

"It's my dream and it's my time," Cruz said. "I've been waiting a long time to fight for the championship and I plan to make history."

Cruz, 32, will be wearing rainbow colors on his boxing trunks, showing support for the gay and lesbian community.

"This is for all of them," Cruz said. "But this is for me, too. It's a beautiful opportunity for me, and it's my moment."

Folks in Puerto Rico are a little upset with Cruz because the rainbow colors are incorporated into the Puerto Rican flag. But Cruz said his intention was always to honor his country while also making a statement for gay rights.

"Some people are mad at me, but I don't care," he said. "I respect the Puerto Rican flag. There were no bad intentions in the design of the trunks."

Salido said he has no problem with Cruz being gay and respects his decision to go public.

"But I am not treating him any differently than any other opponent," Salido said. "When I see him I see a man standing between me and a third world title."

Good Guy Jerry

While we don't want to make a habit of making Cowboys owner Jerry Jones look good - heck, even a plastic surgeon couldn't do that - our hats are off to him and 49ers owner Jim York. The two NFL bosses and an anonymous donor with ties to Catholic High School in Little Rock, Ark., announced yesterday that they had pledged nearly $10 million to a school fundraising campaign.

York, Jones and Jones' sons Stephen and Jerry Jr. graduated from the school.

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