RV grad making impact off field

Lafayette senior Alec Golini is the founder/director of Athletes C.A.R.E.
Lafayette senior Alec Golini is the founder/director of Athletes C.A.R.E.
Posted: October 14, 2013

Alec Golini has enjoyed great success in soccer, first as The Inquirer's South Jersey player of the year in his senior season at Rancocas Valley, and now at Lafayette College.

Golini has saved his best work for off the field, helping others nowhere nearly as fortunate.

A senior and one of the team captains at Lafayette, Golini is the founder and executive director of Athletes C.A.R.E., a nonprofit organization that stands for Creating Abundant Relief Effort.

That's right: He founded an organization - no small feat considering all the paperwork, time, and perseverance needed.

In a little less than a year, his organization has a little less than $15,000. With the money raised, his organization is able, among other things, to buy canned food items and clothing for shelters and food pantries.

During the spring, his group donated $6,081 to the Roof Over Women's & Children's Shelter in Easton, Pa. The shelter needed items we often take for granted, such as beds and mattresses.

One of Golini's goals is to get other colleges involved. Already, Providence, Boston University, and Stevens Institute of Technology have added Athletes C.A.R.E. chapters.

Golini got the idea while volunteering at a Philadelphia shelter during breaks in his freshman and sophomore years.

"I saw how much good this was doing, and I wanted to start something myself," Golini said in a phone interview from Lafayette.

One thing led to another, and he was doing an inordinate amount of paperwork and spending the hours that any start-up effort needs.

"It's pretty unique because a lot of times, you hear about somebody having a good idea, but he had a good idea and followed through with it," said Kaity McKittrick, senior associate director of athletics at Lafayette.

Golini was in New York not long ago when somebody suggested that this project would look great on his resume. After hearing that, he almost got sick.

"That isn't why I went into this," he said.

If he could raise funds without receiving attention for it, that would be the ideal situation for Golini.

"He has been motivated by helping others, and for our college, it's been an example of what our mission is all about," McKittrick said.

Most of all, it has opened his eyes and those of his fellow students to the needs of others. He says meeting so many people in shelters has given him a much broader view of the world.

"You find a lot of people aren't just ignorant or aren't necessarily people who don't want to get a job or are suffering from drug addiction," Golini said. "There are many people in shelters who have been laid off, can't find a job, or there are young people having issues with family support."

His organization does more than just cut checks, although that is extremely helpful. Interacting with those in need is what makes his efforts so fulfilling.

For those wanting to donate money or colleges looking to start a similar program, the website is www.getoutandcare.org.

It's an incredible effort by an equally remarkable person, whose only motivation is to spread the word.



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