Legal group rates judge candidates

Posted: October 18, 2013

THE PHILADELPHIA Bar Association yesterday announced its judicial ratings for the Nov. 5 general election.

Rated as recommended for retention as judge were:

* Court of Common Pleas: Jacqueline F. Allen, Genece E. Brinkley, Ramy I. Djerassi, Lori A. Dumas, Holly J. Ford, Joel Steven Johnson, Frederica A. Massiah-Jackson, Rayford A. Means, Jeffrey P. Minehart, Joseph D. O'Keefe, Paula A. Patrick, Doris A. Pechkurow, Allan L. Tereshko and Nina Wright Padilla.

* Municipal Court: Teresa Carr Deni and Wendy L. Pew.

Rated as not recommended for retention as judge:

* Municipal Court: Jacquelyn M. Frazier-Lyde and Joseph J. O'Neill.

Rated as recommended for election as judge:

* Court of Common Pleas: Giovanni Campbell, Anne Marie B. Coyle, Joe Fernandes, Timika Lane, Daniel McCaffery, J. Scott O'Keefe and Kenneth J. Powell Jr.

* Municipal Court: Martin Coleman.

Rated as not recommended for election as judge:

* Court of Common Pleas: Stephen Miller-Miller and Sierra Thomas Street.

* Municipal Court: Henry Lewandowski.

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