'Jersey Shore' star's baby momma spills her guts

Posted: October 25, 2013

NOW THAT "Jersey Shore" is mercifully but a (sour) memory, we here at Tattle don't understand how cast member Pauly D remains of interest to anyone outside of his immediate family and circle of friends. But if the public servants at TMZ say he still matters, then who are we to argue?

So, here's the latest on the his Pauliness:

It seems the P-man had urged his baby mama, Amanda Markert, who five months ago gave birth to their daughter, Amabella Sophia, to abort the pregnancy. We know this to be fact, because Markert is now attempting to peddle the couple's texts concerning this topic to the highest media bidder.

Unnamed sources told TMZ that, at the time, Pauly (real name, Paul DelVecchio), thought terminating the pregnancy would be in the best interest of the unborn child, considering she was conceived during an apparently booze-lubed one-night stand in Las Vegas.

But give the guy credit. Now, he is so enamored of his baby girl that he is actually fighting for custody - with "fighting" being the operative word. This looks like a duel to the (figurative) death.

Oh yeah, just to clarify what kind of role models we're dealing with here, TMZ also reports that Markert took money from DelVecchio to pay for the abortion, but, obviously, put it to a different use.

Adieu, Who

It's not going to happen immediately, but it looks like the end is near for The Who.

Guitarist-composer Pete Townshend told London's Evening Standard that a 2014 global jaunt marking the unit's 50th anniversary will be its swan song. "For the 50th anniversary we'll tour the world," Townshend told the Standard. "It'll be the last big one for us. "

Formed in 1964 as The High Numbers, the band lost drummer Keith Moon in 1978 to a drug-and-drink-linked accidental death, and bassist John Entwistle to a heart attack in 2002. Tattle always admired the latter's method of checking out (as such things go, that is): He reportedly spent his last night in a Las Vegas hotel suite with a stripper and an eighth-of-an-ounce of cocaine.

The "half-Who" nonetheless has continued to be a top concert attraction, although sales of their recent albums have been nowhere near what they achieved during the group's 1970s heyday.

'Entourage' ends feud

It looks like Vinnie Chase and the boys have hugged it out yet again. After a week's worth of accusations, recriminations and hurt feelings, the word is that all of the principals are on board with plans to make a film based on the hit HBO series.

TMZ operatives caught up with Kevin Connolly (who played Eric "E" Murphy, the best friend/manager of Vinnie Chase played by Adrian Grenier) in New York yesterday, and Connolly insisted that whatever issues had existed have been resolved, and that preproduction could begin as early as January.

Series executive producer Mark Wahlberg started a kerfuffle last week when he claimed greed on the part of unnamed participants was holding up the works.


_ We're not sure what they're smoking in Merrie Old England these days, but it must be some powerful stuff: The music rag New Musical Express has named "The Queen Is Dead," the 1987 album by The Smiths, as the best of all time. The top five of NME's latest "top 500" list is rounded out by The Beatles' "Revolver," "Hunky Dory" ( David Bowie), "Is This It" (The Strokes") and the self-titled debut LP by The Velvet Underground & Nico.

_ The Hollywood Reporter says NBC is reviving the iconic Angela Lansbury series "Murder, She Wrote." This time, the lead character, Jessica Fletcher, will be portrayed by Octavia Spencer, who copped an Oscar for her work in "The Help."

_ Contestant auditions for "Let's Make A Deal" are set for Tuesday from noon to 3 p.m. at SugarHouse Casino in Fishtown. Hopefuls will have 30 seconds to convince show personnel why they should be selected. Two people will be chosen to fly to Los Angeles for a November taping. One of the two is guaranteed to appear on the show. For more information and an application, go to cbsloc.al/1aaRAND.

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