Driver says bad brakes led to Art Museum ride

Emin Faki driving his car on the steps of the Art Museum. He may face charges.
Emin Faki driving his car on the steps of the Art Museum. He may face charges. (HUGHE DILLON /
Posted: October 27, 2013

The man who drove his BMW down the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art told police Friday he could explain everything: His brakes failed.

Emin Faki, 20, turned himself in Friday afternoon at Central Detectives after video surfaced online of his car driving up and down the famed Rocky steps the night before.

In the video, the BMW bumps slowly down the steps and attempts to back up several times. At several points, the brake lights appear to come on.

But Faki told police his brakes and transmission were giving him trouble, police said. He said he lost control of the car while at the top of the steps and began drifting sideways.

Now, police are checking whether his car actually experienced a mechanical failure.

If it did, Faki will be in the clear. If it didn't, police said, he'll be charged with felony vandalism - the steps of the Art Museum have been chipped, they said.

The District Attorney's Office preliminarily approved charges against Faki on Friday afternoon, but police decided to test the car first.

Faki, of the Hartranft section of North Philadelphia, could not be reached for comment.

It's possible to access the top of the Art Museum steps by car, and some drivers use the opportunity to take in the city lights at night.

Far fewer, however, actually try to drive down the steps, though some hapless drivers have attempted it, police said.



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