Analyzing the Sixers roster

YONG KIM / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Spencer Hawes (left), Thaddeus Young (center) and Evan Turner are among Sixers' top players.
YONG KIM / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Spencer Hawes (left), Thaddeus Young (center) and Evan Turner are among Sixers' top players.
Posted: October 31, 2013

THE COMMON theme is that this is going to be a long season for the 76ers, the coach, the equipment managers and the writers who cover them. More realistically, it's going to be a long few years. Rebuilding won't be complete after this season. It's going to take more time. But this season has to be played out first so here's a look at what to expect from the roster:


Expect: Nothing out of the ordinary, which means 15 points and seven assists. He's a career 51-percent shooter, an average that will probably suffer this season as Young will find going inside extra-tough, with no other threats in the paint. If he does put the expected numbers together, he could be a very enticing addition for a playoff team down the stretch.

Chance of being here next year: 75 percent. He will be owed $9.1 million next season, which could turn off a lot of teams.


Expect: He very well might be the team's leading scorer this season , probably adding a few points to his 13.3 average a season ago. Turner has struggled when he takes the ball into the lane because he often pulls up and gets into trouble instead of going strong all the way to the hole. He says he knows that's been his problem and he is out to correct it. If that happens, he could get to the line a good amount of time. He has to forget about the long jumpers and do his scoring from midrange in. If his rebounding climbs above seven a game, he might average in the high teens.

Chance of being here next year: 10 percent. The team probably won't pick up his $8.7 million option for next season and he'll probably sign somewhere else.


Expect: If you were an opposing team, the scouting report would probably be to make the Sixers beat you with their outside shooting, due to their lack of skilled players to do it. Hawes is the best shooter on the team, not ideal when you're talking about a 7-footer. Again, without the threat of an inside game throughout the team, Hawes will mainly be forced outside, which isn't a bad thing. He should see a lot of open shots, with many coming from beyond the arc. His Achilles' status warrants watching as he hurt it a couple of years ago and there have been flare-ups.

Chance of being here next year: 30 percent. Putting a percentage on his return is tricky. Though Nerlens Noel and Arnett Moultrie could be back next year, the Sixers are thin down low. Hawes is a free agent after this season.


Expect: A season that has more highs and lows than the biggest roller coaster in the world. He has been surprisingly good in the preseason and you can't deny his length and the positive way he uses it. It will be a challenge for his slender body to withstand the thumping it is going take. If he can drive through the aches and pains and get a full season under his belt, it will go a long way.

Chance of being here next year: 100 percent. The ball is literally and figuratively in his hands. He is your point guard now and in the future.


Expect: Anderson could put up some decent scoring numbers this season. He is the unknown on a team that probably won't be very good. He can take the ball to the basket and if he can drain open jumpers semi-consistently, he could be a double-figure scorer. He'll probably only get about 10 shots a game, so he'll have to make the most of them.

Chance of being here next year: 50 percent. He's going to be a free agent so it really depends on how he plays this season. He can prove to be a dime-a-dozen type or have a breakout season.


Expect: Wroten can be as maddening with his play as he can be exciting. He is the top guard option off the bench for coach Brett Brown, so he is going to see his minutes. But if his playground style doesn't yield the results the team needs, Brown could bury him on the bench.

Chance of being here next year: 30 percent. There is a team option of $1.2 million for next season. It depends whether his style drives Brown to drink.


Expect: This is a tough one. If Allen pushes himself and tries to get the most out of his game, he has a coach in Brown who can make his game look really good. But if he doesn't get himself back into shape and get an ailing knee healthy, Brown may choose others to play ahead of Allen.

Chance of being here next year: Zero. He's a free agent after making $3.1 million this season. I don't see the motivation right now.


Expect: He averaged 10.5 points in the Lakers four postseason games last season, and he is hoping to ride that play into this season. He played 48 games for the Lakers last season, but didn't really have eye-opening numbers. His time may be limited as MCW no doubt will get loads of learning time.

Chance of being here next year: 10 percent. Maybe as a cheap backup, but probably not.


He's been intriguing since his arrival a couple weeks ago. He has good hands and nimble moves in the paint. He needs to become more of a banger, but he's worth keeping an eye on.

Chance of being here next year: 30 percent. It very much depends on how he develops this year, but he may surprise.


Expect: Brett Brown said he may go with an 11-man rotation this season, which would bode well for Thompson. He is simply out to prove he belongs in the league. He couldn't be on a better team to prove it.

Chance of being here next year: 20 percent.


Expect: When you look at his game it is very reminiscent of Allen's - a big body who can shoot from the outside. Perhaps that's whose spot he will be competing for, especially if Allen can't get his knee healthy.

Chance of being here next year: TBD. Won't know until he auditions this season.


Expect: Nothing. It would behoove both the 19-year-old and the future of the organization for Noel to work on his game and his body and not step foot on the court for a game. He is a willing worker and a gym rat, which will greatly help his recovery from a torn ACL in his left knee.

Chance of being here next year: 100 percent. If he's teamed with a legit big man, he could be a shot-blocking wonder in the league.


Expect: After ankle surgery Moultrie won't be back until at least the New Year. His work habits have been questioned even before this injury. He has to come back healthy both mentally and physically.

Chance of being here next year: 20 percent. He was a first-round grab and is up for a team option next season. But this isn't the management or coaching group that drafted him. He'll have to really show something when/if he returns.


Expect: I can't see him returning this season after a devastating knee injury toward the end of last season. He'll turn 33 in January, and has a player option of $6.6 million next season that he will probably gladly collect.

Chance of being here next year: 10 percent. If the team is looking to get a roster spot, a buyout is most likely.


Expect: Can anyone answer the question as to why Brown is still here? He hasn't been on the court much and is only making $3 million of guaranteed money. Don't know why he hasn't been bought out yet. Don't see him getting on the floor at all.

Chance of being here next year: Zero.

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