Powerhouse Washington Twp. triumphs

Washington Township's Derek MacKinnon (10) celebrates the first of his two goals.
Washington Township's Derek MacKinnon (10) celebrates the first of his two goals. (ELIZABETH ROBERTSON / Staff Photographer)
Posted: November 04, 2013

Like so many other sequences in the game, the play was something you'd expect to see on an ESPN highlight reel.

Left of the goal, from 15 yards, Derek MacKinnon saw Lou Vilotti the whole way.

MacKinnon poked the ball up and over three defenders. Vilotti was charging the net as the ball floated over his left shoulder. It was like a wide receiver being led by a long throw.

Before the ball hit the ground in front of him, Vilotti, still charging, buried a shot with his left foot.

It was the final goal in Washington Township's 3-1 win over Timber Creek on Saturday night in the boys' soccer Coaches Association Tournament championship at Paul VI.

It was a sign of the chemistry with which South Jersey's best boys' soccer team plays.

"Most of us have been playing together since we were 9. We read each other so well. On that last goal, I didn't even have to call for the ball - just a little eye contact. It's like that all over the field," Vilotti said, after Township (22-0) captured its first Coaches Tournament title in boys' soccer.

"It just means so much to us to win this game."

The entire performance was yet another indisputable reminder of the Minutemen's stature in South Jersey soccer this season.

The team is untouchable. Where some sides are lucky to have one great athlete on offense, Washington Township has no fewer than three players who could burn and outmaneuver the average - and above-average - defender.

"I have to give it to them - Washington Township played a great game," Timber Creek coach Sean Ortzman said. "I give my kids a lot of credit, though, too - they played awesome."

Township, the tournament's No. 1 seed, spent the first half controlling possession and peppering No. 2 Timber Creek (17-2) with quality chances.

But with five seconds left, on one of the Chargers' only possessions of the half, Timber Creek's Justin Smith bounced a shot off the bottom of the crossbar. The ball went in, and the teams went into the locker room tied, 1-1.

But as it has in each of the team's 22 wins, Washington Township's athleticism took over.

With 18 seconds left in the game, Washington Township's Lou Antonini and Timber Creek's Alex Kourahanis were given red cards for taunting.

According to both head coaches, the card results in a two-game suspension for each.

For Timber Creek, that means losing its best player for its first playoff game against Seneca.

Timber Creek 1 0 – 1

Washington Twp. 1 2 – 3

Goals: TC-Matt Wolf; WT-Derek MacKinnon 2, Lou Vilotti.

Saves: TC-Justin Smith 13; WT-Travis Yates 3.


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