Oprah's big yard sale; Bieber spotted at Brazilian brothel

Posted: November 05, 2013

O PRAH WINFREY's garage conceivably has a GDP greater than some small nations.

So it should be no surprise that when Oprah decided to unload some of her $85 million Santa Barbara mansion's tchotchkes, the sale raised $600,000, according to London's Daily Mail.

Proceeds of the sale will go to funding college scholarships for graduates of Oprah's South African leadership academy.

According to London's Daily Mirror (the Brits love their Oprah), the garage sale filled three large tents on the grounds of her California estate.

The Los Angeles Times reported that a teapot sold for $1,000, while a piece of dog folk art went for $1,400.

Two crystal lamp bases (no lamp shades) sold for 10 times their $300 value. A chair painted by one of Oprah's fans, priced to sell at $100, went for $1,000.

Last time a fan paints anything for Oprah.

The TV queen's sale also cleaned house of a few of the countless dolls she'd collected over the years.

"I'm getting rid of some of the dolls because when people come to stay with me, they say that they get scared with all of the dolls, so you wake up and there's like 12 dolls looking at you," she told CBS. "It's like an Alfred Hitchcock thing."

If that's the case, she should probably also get rid of mother's skeleton in the basement.

Teen stars gone wild

Justin Bieber went to Brazil to perform.

And the girls went wild.

Or at least faked it.

The ever-immaturing Biebs was photographed by paparazzi trying to sneak out of the popular Brazilian brothel Centaurus, as his handlers (do you really want to handle him after a trip to whorehouse?) covered Bieber with a white sheet - another move that's generally frowned upon.

After leaving Centaurus, Bieber, 19, jumped into the back of a waiting car, reported London's Daily Mirror, and was joined by two women from the "club."

While in Brazil, Justin also was reportedly booted from Rio's Copacabana Palace - that's a fancy hotel, not a fancy brothel - but a Justin peep said he left of his own accord because his fans were creating a "security issue."

Two weeks ago, the newly buff Bieber was caught in a Texas strip club making it rain (with cash, you dirty-minded people).

A starstruck pole-dancer later tweeted that Bieber touched her buttocks and she almost fainted.

* In an unrelated related story, Lifetime has canceled the Jennifer Love Hewitt happy-ending massage show, "The Client List."

Miley Cyrus, meanwhile, was repeatedly photographed during and after a Halloween party boozing it up and canoodling with 34-year-old serial canoodler Benji Madden.


* According to Entertainment Weekly, 51-year-old Paula Abdul is connecting with her Jewish roots while on a tourist trip to Israel and plans to have a better-late-than-never bat mitzvah.

Given Paula's dance skills, that's going to be some wild hora.

* It's hammer time.

"Thor: The Dark World" took in more than $109 million in its first weekend overseas. It opens here Friday.

* It happens so rarely, but Tattle must issue a correction. Jane Seymour is splitting from her husband, James Keach, not James' older brother, Stacy Keach. We regret the error.

Tattle driving tip

When Tattle isn't providing readers with moderately amusing information about celebrities and their silliness, we like to make your lives better.

I got a ticket on the New Jersey Turnpike this past weekend (and I say "I" and not the royal "we" because Tattle has informed me that I will be paying the ticket).

Was I drunk? Nope. Speeding? Nope. Driving erratically? Nope again. Nor was I tailgating, nor driving with a busted taillight, an expired inspection sticker or a dragging muffler. In fact, when I got pulled over, I had no idea what I had done.

The answer? After passing a car in the middle lane, I stayed too long in the left lane.

I wasn't blocking traffic, mind you. No one came up behind me and flashed his/her lights. No, the state trooper who pulled me over said that he'd been following me for a whole mile-and-a-half (fewer than 90 seconds in turnpike time) and that it was a state law in New Jersey that the left lane was only to be used for passing.

So . . . for all the folks driving 90 and weaving in and out of traffic, keep in mind that driving safely and minding your own business in the left lane on a relatively traffic-free Friday afternoon is what is going to get you a summons.

And not just any summons.

My heinous infraction is going to cost me $185.

Without question, it is the most outrageous, ridiculous ticket I've ever gotten. Be warned, Tattle readers, be warned.

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