Sideshow: 'Amish Mafia' star beaten by boyfriend

Lucia Micarelli and Wendell Pierce will help play out "Treme," HBO's wonderful New Orleans survival story, in a five-episode finale series starting Dec. 1. (See "Food, music, action!")
Lucia Micarelli and Wendell Pierce will help play out "Treme," HBO's wonderful New Orleans survival story, in a five-episode finale series starting Dec. 1. (See "Food, music, action!") (PAUL SCHIRALDI)
Posted: November 07, 2013

'Amish' star assaulted

Esther Schmucker, one of the cast of Discovery Channel's reality-TV show Amish Mafia, was beaten severely by her bf early Halloween morning. Results: broken cheekbone, nose, and teeth. That's according to Strasburg, Pa., police, who issued a felony arrest warrant Sunday for Imir "Mirkat" Williams. (He's not on the show.) Schmucker has repeatedly sought protection-from-abuse orders against Williams. They were signed by judges, but dropped when Schmucker failed to appear in court. Strasburg police Chief StevenEchternach said Tuesday that police think Williams is either in Lancaster or New Jersey.

Food, music, action!

HBO's Treme, fabulous show of New Orleans rising from the muck, will do its final, five-episode mini-series starting Dec. 1, according to Rolling Stone. You got three kinds of stars on this, the best-sounding music show ever. You got actor-type stars, such as Wendell Pierce, Khandi Alexander, delectable Kim Dickens, zany Steve Zahn, and omnipotent Melissa Leo. You got the many music stars, such as Dr. John, Terence Blanchard, Kermit Ruffins, and Trombone Shorty. Alla dem will be on hand for the close-out. You got folks who are both, such as the blindingly goddesslike Lucia Micarelli, who plays, and plays violin as, violinist Annie Talarico. But you also got the big chef-type food gods, of course, it being in the gastronomic Elysium of New Orleans. These include Emeril Lagasse and David Chang, set to play big roles in the finales.

Data on De Niro's dad

Robert De Niro Sr., father of actor Bob De Niro, had an active life, says John Baxter, author of De Niro: A Biography, about the often tough-guy actor. The De Niro dad, who died in 1993, was extremely intimate with several artist-celebs, like playwright Tennessee Williams, painter Jackson Pollock, and San Francisco poet Robert Duncan. He married poet and painter Virginia Admiral in 1941, whence came Bob, in 1943. Although divorced in 1945, Bob and Virginia remained friends forever after. In a July 2012 Newsweek interview, De Niro said of his father, "I was never exposed to his sexuality, but my mother told me about it later."


Miley Cyrus now has a big ol' tattoo of Loretta Finley, her grandma on her mother's side, on the inside of her right arm. It was put there by tattoomistress Kat Von D. Miley still has unoccupied flesh, which we know because she exposes so much of it, but the real estate is going fast.  

Small is good

Nicole Albrecht, alleged stalker of Alexandra Paul ( Baywatch), has gotten a restraining order against the lady she allegedly has been stalking. Whaaa? Paul already has a restraining order against Albrecht. (I guess it's possible.) Each has gone psycho on the other in public, and now each must stay away from the other . . . in public. . . . Amanda Bynes has been in a Malibu rehab joint since September, but Unnamed Sources tell TMZ she's stabilized and will be home for Christmas. . . . Denise Richards, long-suffering ex of Charlie Sheen, has told L.A. authorities she can no longer handle Max and Bob, the twin 4-year-old spawn of Chas and other ex-wife Brooke Mueller. Denise, temp guardian of the twins while Brooke gets addiction help, says Max and Bob have been unruly and violent. . . . David Arquette, ex of Courteney Cox, has apparently given his intermittent gf, Christina McLarty, the gift of new life. Unnamed Sources say she is preggers. David has a daughter, Coco, 9, with Courteney. . . . Marie Osmond revealed on Monday's The Talk that she had surgery to reduce her E-cup mammary glands, due to back problems and other horrors. . . . On top of all the indignities visited on around-18-year-old King Tutankhamun, his body evidently burst into flame, shortly after some bad embalming. Why did he die in 1323 B.C.? Maybe from wounds suffered when a chariot hit him during battle. Buried in his jammies. . . . Got a condo made of stone-a. . . . Funky Tut. . . .

This column includes information from Inquirer wire services.

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