Sideshow: Gretzky's daughter gets some ice

Paulina Gretzky can't get away from men swinging sticks. See "Like hubby, like Dad."
Paulina Gretzky can't get away from men swinging sticks. See "Like hubby, like Dad." (EUGENE HOSHIKO / AP)
Posted: November 09, 2013

Stop and think, OK?

Twitter can kill, yo. Don Lemon, CNN news host, was talking Tuesday on Tom Joyner's radio show about stop-and-frisk, a policy some folks think is racist, since it allows police to decide on appearance alone whom to stop pre-emptively. At one point, Don said, "[W]ould you rather be politically correct or safe and alive?" Yikes! The worst of fates befell: Don got turned into a Twitter hashtag that ragged his butt for saying such a thing. Now Don, who used to work in Philly TV, is walking that pooch back. He wasn't endorsing the practice, he says, just trying to provoke thought. Mission accomplished, sir.

Like hubby, like Dad

If you're a dad, you're not exactly praying to have a daughter like Paulina Gretzky. Imagine the mind of PG's dad, hockey great Wayne Gretzky, when he's seen Paulina wild and whooping around. Well, she's engaged to pro golfer Dustin Johnson and trying to clean up a soiled act. Daddy likes golf, too!

And now the fine type

In the New Hairstyle Derby, we must now enter Jada Pinkett, who just shaved the sides of her head. Looks nice. It's not for everyone, though - Hillary Rodham Clinton? Chris Christie? Sara Palin? Michelle Obama? I don't think so. . . . A judge told Charlie Sheen on Wednesday that if he opens his yap again about this skunky child custody spat with ex Brooke Mueller, he will land in jail. Chas, studiously ignoring a gag order, went on TMZ and called the judge fat and also an [unnice description]. Chas also got slapped with a temp restraining order. He and Brooke are fighting over custody of twins Bob and Max, 4 and 4, both in the temp guardianship of other Chas ex Denise Richards, who wants out of this arrangement real bad. The judge told Chas: "Don't forget, I'm Italian." Yes, your high worshipful honor. . . . Lamar Odom and Khloé Kardashian are having trouble. What does it mean? It means they have a reality show to fill. Ellen DeGeneres wept Wednesday night, her last appearance on Jay Leno's Tonight Show before Jay exits. Aw.

This column includes information from Inquirer wire services.

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