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Tom Cruise with daughter Suri in 2012. His parenting skills are at issue in a $50 million libel lawsuit.
Tom Cruise with daughter Suri in 2012. His parenting skills are at issue in a $50 million libel lawsuit. (DONALD TRAILL / AP, File)
Posted: November 16, 2013

Andy Kaufman is alive!

Oh, give us a break!

There's a lot of chatter suggesting that controversial Saturday Night Live comic and Taxi star Andy Kaufman, who died of cancer in 1984 at 35, faked his death and is living incognito.

Things broke weird this week when Andy's brother Michael announced at the annual Andy Kaufman Awards in New York that he found an essay among Andy's things detailing how he'd fake his death and run away with the love of his life.

According to the Huffington Post, Michael claims he got a letter from his brother in 1999 in which the comic admitted he ran away so he could live with his new wife - and their daughter - in obscurity. The girl, Michael added for color, is 24 now.

That's when things turned crazy. A woman claiming to be Andy's daughter took the stage. "He just wanted to be a stay-at-home dad, because that's why he wanted to leave the show biz," she said.

No comment yet from Andy.

Criminal code

Canadian actor Genevieve Sabourin was found guilty Thursday of stalking Alec Baldwin and sentenced in a New York Court to 180 days in jail, plus 30 more days for contempt of court.

Tom Cruise, logic & libel

Things are turning nasty in Tom Cruise's $50 mil libel suit against Bauer Media-owned glossies In Touch and Life&Style over a story that claimed Cruise abandoned daughter Suri after his divorce from her mom, Katie Holmes.

People mag reports Bauer's lawyer grilled Cruise about his commitment as a dad. Cruise admitted he'd been so busy on set, he hadn't seen his child for more than 100 days since his Disneyland vacation with her in early August 2012. The site also says Cruise's sister and sometime publicist and fellow Scientologist Lee Ann De Vette had been subpoenaed to testify about Tom's parenting skills.

Meanwhile, Anonymous Insider tells People that Cruise "adores his children" and is determined to push on with the suit no matter what.

Brolin on counseling

Even celebs need marriage counseling now and then. James Brolin tells Closer Weekly he and Barbra Streisand sometimes give their 15-year marriage "tune-ups" with visits to a counselor.

"You might cry, but you walk out and, poof, it's gone," Brolin, 73, says. "It really works."

Vic Secret's secrets

CBS's meta-soft-porn special, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, won't air until Dec. 10, but here are some of the show's high- (or low-) lights from USA Today.

Look!-at!-me!-I'm!-so!-sexual! warbler Taylor Swift will open in top hat and microdress. The 67 items paraded by the 40 emaciated flesh-mannequins will include a $10 mil Fantasy Bra worn by Candice Swanepoel. There'll be songs by Fall Out Boy, Neon Jungle, and Ian Axel. This will be Angel Adriana Lima's 13th show. At 32, she's an old-age pensioner by supermodel standards.



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