Monday's fight at Overbrook HS started on social media over weekend

Posted: November 20, 2013

Ten high-school students were in police custody Monday after a fight broke out at Overbrook High School, officials said.

Police said no one had yet been charged in the incident.

District spokesman Fernando Gallard said the fight broke out Monday morning in a third floor hallway.

Four girls started the altercation, but 10 were eventually detained by police, said Gallard.

Trouble began brewing between the young women over the weekend, on social media, Gallard said.

A staffer visiting Overbrook from the district's central office twisted her knee trying to break up the fight. Among the students, there were "light scratches, but no serious injuries," Gallard said.

Once police complete their investigation, school officials will act, Gallard said.

"They will definitely face disciplinary action," said Gallard.



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