Obama tells Magic: 'I was a 76ers fan'

Posted: November 27, 2013

THE SIXERS just found out they have a big fan. Or is that had a fan?

On Monday, President Obama stopped by Magic Johnson's mansion in Beverly Hills for a fundraising event.

Apparently New Yorker editor David Remnick - who wrote a book about Obama - asked the prez how it felt to be in Magic's presence.

"First of all, understand that I was a 76ers fan," Obama said.

The overwhelming pro Lakers audience did what fans everywhere do: It booed.

Obama, ever the politician, won back the crowd when he said, "There's nobody who is a bigger icon than Magic Johnson."

What's interesting is that Obama said he was a Sixers fan.

Perhaps he was referring to the 1980 NBA Finals, in which Magic helped lead the Lakers over the Sixers in six games.

Generally, after all, the president roots for everything Chicago, including the Bulls.

Still, it's pretty cool that he mentioned the Sixers.

And, if he still wants to root for 'em, well we'll save him a seat on the bandwagon.

On the left side, of course.

The Supreme reader

Jon Caroulis, the director of media relations at La Salle, relays the following encounter between one of the school's professors and Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, a huge baseball fan.

Alito was at the Union League recently to discuss President Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address." Before the talk, he was introduced to La Salle history professor John Rossi.

Upon meeting the prof, Alito immedidately said, "The '64 Phillies."

Turns out that 8 years ago, Rossi sent Alito a copy of his book, "The 1964 Phillies: The Story of Baseball's Most Memorable Collapse."

It obviously had a - you'll excuse the expression - supreme impact on the judge.

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