Letters: Iran deal sounds rather familiar

Posted: November 29, 2013


I must admit to being a bit bemused by all of the ranting by the GOP these past few days regarding the deal, of which the president is a signatory, that several nations are making with Iran to have them curb their nuclear ambitions.

Iran is a nation where the church controls the state, women are practically kept in servitude, the working man and woman are forced to work in less than desirable conditions, oil is king, and where it was said by the president that no gay and lesbian people live. It sure sounds like Republican utopia to me.

Marc Golde

Merion Station, Pa.

Ex-cops dodge major charges in shooting

You have two ex-police officers found not guilty of conspiracy to commit murder but convicted of a lesser charge, which is a misdemeanor.

They, Ellison and Fortune, will eventually be able to walk the streets again and see their families. Lawrence Allen was gunned down in the streets like a common criminal. What is this world coming to when two people who are supposed to uphold the law stalk and murder a man in coldblooded murder and be found not guilty of manslaughter instead of being found guilty of first-degree murder?

The two officers in question went to the block where Mr. Allen resided and confronted him instead of letting the police handle the situation and he was off duty at the time of the incident. Who did Ellison pay to say that Mr. Allen had a weapon and then shoot him in the back? Fortune and Ellison have to live with the crime they committed and probably do care that they deprived his children of their father and a husband. Mr. Allen even offered to pay for the pizza but Ms. Fortune egged him on and said handle your business and she did not think about a person being innocent until proven guilty.

They did the unspeakable committing murder and will not face the maximum sentencing allowed by law. Mr. Allen will be remembered by his family and friends while Fortune and Ellison will be remembered by the city as the two police officers who dodged a murder conviction because they had a high-priced lawyer and he did his job to place reasonable doubt in the jury's mind. I hope their lawyer can sleep at night.

Lora Neal


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