Letters to the Editor

Posted: November 30, 2013

Deal on Iran's terms

Since 1979, Iran has been directly or indirectly involved in terrorism around the world. Given that record, can there be any doubt as to future Iranian intentions? President Obama says America should test whether Iran will keep its word. The negotiations just concluded over their nuclear program permit the Iranians to enrich uranium to a limited degree, but this will move them closer to having material for a nuclear weapon. The president does not need to test Iran's intention; this leopard will not change its spots, and the six-month test period will provide Iran time to assemble a dangerous weapon.

Arthur Horn, East Windsor

Patching safety net

It remains to be seen whether House Speaker John A. Boehner (R., Ohio) and his tea-party cadre will be able to hold the government hostage once again in the name of budget austerity ("Congress has a job to do," Nov. 25). Extending unemployment benefits is only a downpayment on the economic collapse, imposed by the right with its ill-conceived and ill-considered tax cuts in the Bush administration, and its $2 trillion wars which gained our nation nothing. Correcting the tax mistake is not a tax increase, but rather a return to fiscal sanity. Feeding and housing the homeless forced out of their homes by a needless real-estate bubble - exacerbated by poor bank regulation - and extending unemployment to those forced out of their jobs by companies encouraged to ship jobs overseas are merely necessary tasks that government traditionally has performed.

Ben Burrows, Elkins Park

Value of insurance

After minor surgery, I received a bill from the hospital anesthesia department for $5,035. My health insurance allowed and paid a total of $418. I paid nothing. One of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act will be to eliminate such outrageous billings. Without my health insurance standing up for me, I would have owed the entire amount - just as would anyone without health insurance today.

Richard Billings, Cherry Hill

Wrong to risk rollout

During 10 years as vice president of software development at the largest health-care infomation technology company in the Delaware Valley, I was fortunate to work for a chief executive who allowed me to set delivery dates for software. Even then, we occasionally had to delay a software release when testing showed it still had nontrivial bugs. So I find it incredulous that a politician kept to the Obamacare registration website startup date, while fully aware that it was not going to work. There was nothing to gain and everything to be lose.

Carl Witonsky, Bryn Mawr, cwitonsky@falconllc.com

Look homeward, guv

Shouldn't Gov. Christie focus on being the governor of the state with the one of the highest unemployment rates in the country? Shouldn't he focus on governing in New Jersey? He is showing his true stripes by not being bipartisan now that election is behind him ("Christie: Focus on 2014 races," Nov. 22).

Arnold Molotsky, Cinnaminson