Nutter welcomes 'real football in real weather'

Posted: January 06, 2014

OVER THE YEARS, mayors in Chicago, Denver and Seattle have lost re-election bids after poorly handled snowstorms made their approval ratings look like this week's low temperatures.

But Mayor Nutter yesterday let it be known that he welcomes the winter weather - at least when it can help the Eagles win a playoff game.

"There are no fans like Eagles fans, in the greatest sports town in America, the city of Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love, sisterly affection, snow, ice, rain - it doesn't matter!" Nutter said at a pep rally outside City Hall. "We play no matter what the weather conditions because we're ready, because we're Eagles! We're Philadelphia fans!"

Team president Don Smolenski, Swoop and dozens of green-clad Eagles fans and cheerleaders joined Nutter at the rally, at which he declared yesterday "NFC East Championship Fly Eagles Fly Day."

Standing next to a giant ice-sculpture trophy for the Eagles' division championship, the mayor led the crowd in the two cheers most familiar to the Linc: "E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!" and "Boooo!"

"On. Jan. 4, 2014, the Eagles will start the new year with a face-off against the New Orleans Saints - Boooo! - for the postseason wild-card playoffs," he said, reading a city proclamation. "Now, Philadelphia's football fans can feel the unstoppable energy rising from the streets of South Philadelphia."

Many fans are hoping that today's frosty conditions - "real football in real weather," as Nutter put it - will help stymie Drew Brees and his high-scoring Saints, whose home field is under a dome.

Aside from improving the Birds' odds, there's another reason Nutter should be happy that today's playoff game is at home: It may give him some wiggle room in next year's budget.

The local economy is expected to realize a $10 million boost from spending related to the game, and the city's coffers could get $1.5 million in unanticipated tax revenue, according to estimates from the city Department of Revenue and the Philadelphia Sports Congress.

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