Drexel and MCCC to share resources

Posted: January 10, 2014

Announcing a new partnership with Montgomery County Community College, Drexel University president John A. Fry said it was part of a long-term strategy to make the university more accessible and affordable.

The program is part transfer agreement and part satellite campus, with Drexel professors teaching classes at the MCCC campus in Blue Bell.

That means students in 10 majors - including engineering, nursing, and computer science - can complete a Drexel bachelor's degree without having to go commute to University City or live nearby.

Drexel has had a similar program with Burlington County College since 2006. Programs at MCCC and Delaware County Community College begin in the fall.

"Our students have always been able to transfer to Drexel," said MCCC president Karen A. Stout. "But they have to be able to afford transferring, and it's not just tuition. It's expenses, room and board, transportation, that whole urban experience."

Michael Shea, 24, a student from Lansdale, said he is glad to avoid daily train rides to Philadelphia.

"I don't care about the college campus experience," said Shea, who was accepted to Drexel's mechanical engineering program for fall 2014. "Going into the city is a big thing, especially in rush hour. It's an extra hour or so."

Other schools, including the University of Delaware, also are moving into a more cooperative realm, which Stout said was a sign of the times.

"Higher education thrived in an era of independence. Now," she said, "we are in an era of interdependence."

Fry agreed. "The more flexible we are in these formats, the more students we'll attract, the more students we'll be able to graduate from both institutions."


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