Sideshow: Baby or not, Dwyane's her baby

Posted: January 11, 2014

Gabrielle Union's reasons

Would you take back a guy who fathered a child with another woman then proposed marriage to you? What if the dude was  

Dwyane Wade?

Gabrielle Union did. Union, 41, who stars in BET's Being Mary Jane, tells Glamour she and Wade broke up because her work was so demanding. "I couldn't take time off, and I missed some quality togetherness we desperately needed," she says. It'll never happen again.

"I reassessed priorities," she says, "I realized I wasn't willing to sacrifice my relationship for [my career]."

Union didn't address the elephant in the room, Wade's baby. Seems she's over it.

"Bottom line: If an issue's a deal-breaker, it's a deal-breaker," she says. "If your relationship isn't something you're willing to give up and you can compromise, do so."

The People have voted

When The People speak, great things happen. Just ask Sandra Bullock, who on Wednesday night won four People's Choice Awards, including favorite movie actress and, along with George Clooney, favorite movie duo for Gravity. The extravaganza's highlight came when Jennifer Hudson accepted the favorite humanitarian award with her sister Julia for their work with the Julian D. King Gift Foundation, which they founded after the 2008 murder of Julia's son, Julian.

Hosted by Two Broke Girls actresses Beth Behrs and local gal Kat Dennings, the kudosfest also doled out prizes to Iron Man 3 for fave movie and The Big Bang Theory for network comedy.

The evening reached another glorious high after the show ended: Justin Timberlake, who picked up three music prizes, including favorite album, visited Taco Bell, where he posed for photos with employees.


Mother or Svengali?

Über-stage-mom Kris Jenner treated her daughters like putty to be shaped by her hands - and for her own ends.

So suggests her sis Karen Houghton, who tells In Touch Weekly that Kris forced her girl Khloé Kardashian to maintain an exercise regimen starting when she was 4. Khloé last month told Cosmopolitan U.K. her mom had left her with some psychic scars, recalling that when she was 9, she overheard Kris tell a friend Khloé needed a nose job. No comment from Kris.

A date with Clooney!

George Clooney, inveterate bachelor and dreamy leading man, is raffling himself off for charity. For $10, you can enter to win an evening with the two-time People's Sexiest Man Alive.

The winner and a friend will be flown to New York on Feb. 3 to be guests backstage at Late Show With David Letterman and at the red-carpet premiere of Clooney's film The Monuments Men. The cash will benefit Clooney's Sudan charity, Satellite Sentinel Project. Enter as many times as you want at


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