Peyton Manning puts Omaha in national spotlight

Posted: January 15, 2014

OMAHA, NEB., the city that gave us Bob Gibson, Gale Sayers and Warren Buffet, was trending during the nationally televised Broncos-Chargers game thanks to Denver quarterback Peyton Manning.

Manning has a penchant for yelling "Omaha" during his snap count - something he did 44 times during Sunday's game.

Ron Jaworski, Trent Dilfer and Tim Hasselbeck discussed the use of the word on ESPN yesterday. The ex-quarterbacks explained that it can have various meanings. On some teams it means kill the play called in the huddle and listen for an audible. On others, it follows a long string of "gibberish" commands and indicates the QB is about to call for the snap.

Whatever the meaning, Omaha city officials are grateful for the free publicity.

During Sunday's game, the Greater Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau tweeted: "We certainly appreciate all the love from Peyton Manning :)"

Doug Parrott, executive vice president for the Bailey Lauerman public relations in Omaha, said the city benefits every time Peyton bellows its name.

"Commercials cost money to make, and you have to come up with the idea and hire a production company to make it," Parrott told the Associated Press. "It could cost $4 million just for the production, and we get it for free.

"Everybody in Omaha really needs to root for Peyton to take down Tom Brady and the Patriots so we can hear 'Omaha' in the Super Bowl."

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