62 grants awarded for the arts

Posted: January 16, 2014

More than 60 regional arts groups and artists have received small grants from Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts, a funding program of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

The awards are among the few public grants remaining that provide some support for individual artists, although the focus is on public projects. (There are no individual artist fellowships.)

Michael Norris, executive director of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, lauded the grants, noting that they "fund projects that directly impact schools, seniors, and community-based projects around the Greater Philadelphia region."

Some examples of funding to the 62 groups:

The Southampton (Bucks County) Community Band received $1,949 to help fund a concert featuring pieces played on Egyptian instruments by a former student band member, now a Fulbright scholar.

Homeless Not Hopeless Poets for Change (Delaware County) received $1,828 in support of a community event aimed at bringing spoken word, youth performances, and guest speakers to shelter residents.

The Food Trust (Philadelphia) received $1,232 to support local artist Meei-Ling Ng's creation of an interactive chili pepper-drying installation at Clark Park Farmers' Market as a means to engage and educate market attendees.




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