'Bullet in the Face': Wickedly dark, funny cop-show satire

In "Bullet in the Face," Alan Spencer's series developed for IFC: Max Williams as archvillain Gunter Vogler, Jessica Steen as Brute City police commissioner Eva Braden.
In "Bullet in the Face," Alan Spencer's series developed for IFC: Max Williams as archvillain Gunter Vogler, Jessica Steen as Brute City police commissioner Eva Braden. (BERTRAND CALMEAU)
Posted: January 18, 2014

With a title like Bullet in the Face, you know Alan Spencer's latest TV comedy means business.

Lauded by fans for more than three decades as the creator of ABC's mid-1980s police satire Sledge Hammer!, Spencer returns to the genre with Bullet, which he developed last year for IFC.

A critical and ratings hit, the wickedly dark and hilarious series ran for six half-hour episodes and is now available on DVD.

Imbued with a unique postmodern noir look, the series is set in Brute City, a "melting pot of crime" ruled by vicious kingpins such as Racken (Eric Roberts) and Johann Tannhäuser (Eddie Izzard) and their minions.

The focus of the story is on Johann's right-hand man, Gunter Vogler (Max Williams), and his left-hand woman, Martine Mahler (Kate Kelton), both grade-A sociopaths who love to kill - and to make love after they've killed.

Gunter is a hard, hard man with no conscience - but with a hilarious German accent that's a little off. Casting him proved to be difficult.

"I knew it would be a challenge to cast," Spencer said in a phone chat. "Because when you write something this extreme, you need someone to realize it."

Leading men didn't exactly line up for the part.

"A lot of people were terrified by the character," Spencer said. "They didn't know how to play him."

Canadian American thesp Max Williams fit the bill. "He knew you just had to embrace the role for what it is," Spencer said.

Gunter undergoes a twisted journey when he's involved in a shootout after a botched jewelry-store heist. He kills the city's most celebrated cop, but ends up with . . . a bullet in the face. When he wakes up, he's in chains and wearing the cop's face.

The comely police commissioner (Jessica Steen) blackmails Gunter into adopting the cop's identity and going up against his former boss. Neil Napier gives an inspired performance as the murdered cop's sensitive, loving partner, who now must team up with a man who not only killed his BFF, but who now wears his face. (Oh, the exquisite agony!)

If you think you can't laugh for three hours straight, try popping this disc into your player. Bullet in the Face: The Complete Series is due Tuesday from Shout! Factory. ( www.shoutfactory.com; $19.97; not rated)

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