Sideshow: Cranston breaks (real) good

Bryan Cranston accepting a Screen Actors Guild award for "Breaking Bad." His new role? LBJ, on Broadway.
Bryan Cranston accepting a Screen Actors Guild award for "Breaking Bad." His new role? LBJ, on Broadway. (FRANK MICELOTTA / Invision)
Posted: January 24, 2014

Cranston breaks (real) good

Bryan Cranston, 57, whose five seasons on Breaking Bad have earned him, like, a thousand best-acting awards, has gone about as far from his meth-maker character Walter White as it gets: He's next playing the 36th president of the United States on Broadway. Cranston has the lead in Pulitzer-winner Robert Schenkan's All the Way, about Lyndon B. Johnson's struggle to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The play opens in March.

Cranston is rehearsing. And rehearsing some more, he tells USA Today. "And then [I] go home, eat well, take my vitamins, get some sleep, and come back to rehearse some more. I'm living like a monk."

The character, Cranston says, is "a man with great determination, who set very high goals. But as he was reaching for them, he hit some low lows, as well."

So, a TV actor on stage? What gives? "I've found more opportunities in television, but that doesn't make me a television actor," Cranston says. "Actors are actors - we're all just looking for our next job."

Bill Cosby! Back on TV!

The network has yet to confirm or deny, but reports that NBC has signed Bill Cosby to create and star in a new sitcom.

Cosby, 76, who starred in 197 episodes of The Cosby Show from 1984 to 1992, will play the opinionated patriarch of a multigenerational family.

My kingdom for size 0

Kim Kardashian no doubt worries about world peace. But she's obsessed, nay, positively "desperate to be a size-0 bride," an Unnamed Pal tells In Touch Weekly. Kim, who is to wed Kanye West soon, works out three hours a day and perhaps does many unspeakable acts to lose the weight that awful creature, North West, left on her heretofore hot bod - "no matter what the cost to her health."

Is he or isn't he?

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison is (Life & Style) or most definitely is not ( in talks to join The View as a cohost. The gabfest is losing den mother Barbara Walters this summer.

Gossip petits fours

" The Walking Dead returns with the highly anticipated final eight episodes of Season Four beginning Feb. 9," cabler AMC says. . . . "Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would go on a reality show, meet my wife, and go on to have a happy life. It's incredible," The BachelorSean Lowe, 26, who is to wed Catherine Giudici on Sunday, tells In Touch Weekly. . . . Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamos will reunite for a Full House-themed commercial during the Super Bowl, says CNN. . . . Shameless star Shanola Hampton and hub Daren Dukes have welcomed their first child together, a girl named Cai MyAnna.

Trejo on BieberEgg-Gate

"Oh my God, they are after Justin Bieber again," Machete Kills star and San Quentin alum Danny Trejo tells USA Today in mock horror. "Can you imagine going to jail and some hardened convicts ask you, 'What are you here for, kid?' and he goes 'Egging my neighbor's house,' " says Trejo. "They would beat the [bleep] out of him for wasting eggs."


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