Delco town says it was tops in snowfall

Robert James of Brookhaven estimates that he shoveled three times Tuesday night and then did it again Wednesday. "It just didn't stop." he said.
Robert James of Brookhaven estimates that he shoveled three times Tuesday night and then did it again Wednesday. "It just didn't stop." he said. (MARI A. SCHAEFER / Staff)
Posted: January 24, 2014

Move over, Philly. Brookhaven said it rocked this storm.

According to the unofficial total called into the National Weather Service in Mount Holly by a Brookhaven observer, the Delaware County borough received 14.8 inches of snow - 1.3 more inches than the official Philadelphia total of 13.5 at the airport. That made the city's top-10 list for one-day storm totals.

On Wednesday, Brookhaven residents were feeling the pride of being No. 1 - by their measurement - in the region for snowfall.

"Snow place like Brookhaven," said Dawn Jones, borough secretary.

But the snow didn't keep the borough employees from being at their desks by 8:30 a.m., said Natalie Pino, borough clerk. She said maintenance crews or police would have picked them up had they needed a ride.

Pino wore a red sweater with appliqu├ęd snowmen on the front to celebrate the storm.

Jones also said Brookhaven's streets department put Philly's crew to shame. The five-man crew, she said, kept all the borough roads open and clear.

"Oh, yeah, hands down," Jones said.

But, forget the "let it snow" tunes. Jones was humming the Beach Boys song "Kokomo" - "Aruba, Jamaica, ooh, I wanna take ya" - and counting down the days until spring training begins.

"I'm not a snow person," she said.

Brookhaven was not the only Delco town to claim that it topped Philadelphia in snowfall totals. Media reported that it came in a close second with 14.2 inches, and Clifton Heights reported 13.9 inches.

In Montgomery County, Royersford called in 14.3 inches.

Robert James, 40, estimated that he shoveled about three times Tuesday night and then again on Wednesday as he dug out his older neighbor at the corner of Brookhaven Road and Mount Vernon Avenue.

"It just didn't stop," he said.

Wednesday morning, James was the one who had help. He paid his 10-year-old son, Alex, $10 to help shovel out the 18-inch drifts in the driveway.

Younger son Gavin was "paid in snow cones," James said.

Two other young Brookhaven residents also saw the storm as a windfall.

Mark Gibson, 15, and Eric Fauver, 17, were out the door first thing in the morning to shovel out neighbors. The pair hauled in about $200 by noon, while their friends were still inside playing video games.

"They are not about shoveling. They'd rather sit inside all day," Fauver said of his friends.

"We're not done yet," Gibson said as the boys made their way down a snow-packed Coebourn Boulevard.

Over at the Route 352 Diner, snow was still the topic of conversation among some off-duty Brookhaven police officers, who weathered the night in their squad cars.

"We're No. 1 in a lot of things," said Officer Tim Habich. "Snow is just the tip of the iceberg."



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