Uncle and nephew convicted of murdering cousin

Posted: January 24, 2014

A POINT BREEZE man who was gunned down and paralyzed in 2006 and died of infection in 2008 appeared in court on video to help convict two men of his murder.

Marvin Flamer, 39, and his nephew, Nafeast Flamer, 25, were convicted by a jury yesterday of the first-degree murder of Allen Moment Jr., 24, assuring that both defendants will receive mandatory life-without-parole prison sentences.

Common Pleas Judge Glenn Bronson set a formal sentencing hearing for March 14.

During the trial, the jury saw a police video from February 2008 of a bedridden Moment identifying the Flamers and a third man, Hakim Bond, as those who ambushed him outside his home on Pierce Street near 22nd. More than a dozen bullets struck him.

Bond, 25, was tried and convicted in July 2012 and sentenced to life without parole.

It took Moment - who was a cousin of the Flamers - more than two years to finally tell police who shot him because he lived by the "don't snitch" street code, according to prosecutors.

Moment, who had been a drug dealer, was left a quadriplegic and wracked by infection in the 2 1/2 years he lived after being shot.

He told investigators that the shooting was the result of a family squabble.

Moment would not be the only one to die.

Abdul Taylor, 33, a former high school basketball star and popular recreation coach, was shot dead May 6, 2010, to prevent him from testifying that he knew the Flamers and Bond had killed Moment.

Although gunman Derrick "Heavy" White confessed that he killed Taylor at the request of Bond and the Flamers, only White was charged in the killing.

In March 2012, White, 23, was convicted and sentenced to death for slaying Taylor in front of his mother's home on Ellsworth Street near 23rd, in South Philadelphia.

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