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ASSOCIATED PRESS Percy Harvin is back from a concussion for the Seattle Seahawks, who will need him if they have any hope of beating the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl.
ASSOCIATED PRESS Percy Harvin is back from a concussion for the Seattle Seahawks, who will need him if they have any hope of beating the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl.
Posted: January 27, 2014

OVER THE PAST 2 weeks, I (and I assume you) have watched a lot of sports - a significant number of the first batch of important college basketball games, the NFL playoffs, the Sixers and Flyers, and the Australian Open. I have DVRed a few events, but last Sunday, I was glued to my favorite chair for 8 hours of NFL talk and games, during which I consumed at least three meals (if you're worried about my health, it's OK, because I shared a significant part of those meals with my golden retriever, Maggie, and my son's dog, Nitro).

From all of this viewing, I have a number of random thoughts I want to convey to you:

* The Eagles could definitely make it to the Super Bowl with Nick Foles leading them. Watching Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick play convinces me Foles is a far more accurate passer and a better game manager than either one (of course, in a 100-yard race around an oval, both of them probably would lap Foles, but, on the other hand, Foles sure turns the ball over a lot less).

* The Eagles should definitely draft a safety. Watching Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor play safety for the Seahawks, you can clearly see how effective they can be and how desperately we need to get someone of that caliber. It's wonderful to have a great pass rush, but against quarterbacks such as Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees, who get the ball out incredibly quickly, coverage is far more important. By the way, if you need something to cause additional heartburn, think about the fact that Thomas was on the board in the 2010 draft when the Eagles traded up to pick Brandon Graham.

* Marshawn Lynch might be the toughest player the NFL has seen since John Lynch retired. He's no Shady McCoy, because he has no guile whatsoever, but he plows ahead fearlessly, no matter who is in his path. He is one tough dude.

* The Seahawks will not win the Super Bowl unless they get a significant contribution from wide receiver Percy Harvin, who was sidelined with a concussion in the divisional game against New Orleans. Their other receivers just aren't good enough to put up the points necessary to beat the Broncos (I believe they will need at least 27).

* The Aussies are definitely not wusses. In the spirit of Crocodile Dundee, they refused to halt matches played in the bright sunlight of the Australian summer, with temperatures above 110 degrees and the court so hot you could fry an egg on it! No game-canceling wusses Down Under!

*  Goalies are to the NHL what quarterbacks are to the NFL. You can't win without a good one! Steve Mason has brought consistence and excellent play to the Flyers net, and management did exactly the right thing by signing him to a good, 3-year contract extension

* If the Sixers had a chance of making the playoffs, it might make sense to play Nerlens Noel sooner, rather than later. Some wags have suggested that, despite Dr. James Andrews' clearance to begin basketball activities, the Sixers are keeping him on the sideline to make sure they don't win enough games to spoil their draft positions. I disagree. We clearly don't have a shot at the playoffs, so it makes sense not to rush him back, as the Redskins did with another one of Andrews' patients, Robert Griffin III. Let's make sure Nerlens is 100 percent for next season's Opening Night.

* The Phillies should look into re-signing Richie Allen. If it's worthwhile bring Bobby Abreu back at age 39, my guess is Richie could outhit him (and many major leaguers) at 71. Actually, I'm optimistic about the Phillies and believe that if Ben Revere plays a full season at the level he did before he got injured, if Ryan Howard and Chase Utley can play at 90 percent of their normal effectiveness, and if righthander Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez is a quality major league midrotation starter, we will contend for the playoffs.

* This season is shaping up to be a good one for the Big 5. La Salle and St. Joe's are coming on strong, and both have a good chance to play in the postseason. Villanova looks like a real contender to go far in the NCAA Tournament despite the recent crushing defeat by the Creighton Bluejays. And speaking of Creighton, if Ethan Wragge is available in the second round, the Sixers should pick him without hesitation. Wragge is 6-7 and one of the best three-point shooters I have ever seen. He made his first seven threes in the first 10 minutes of the Villanova game and is one of the best three-point shooters in the nation. He's not fast and probably wouldn't defend all that well, but the Sixers definitely need a shooting guard, and he gets the ball out quickly and can easily adapt to the NBA range.

* Roger Goodell, no wuss he! The NFL commissioner bravely and courageously announced that he would sit outside during this year's Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium. The average high for Feb. 2 at the Meadowlands is 37 degrees, though it likely would be colder come game time. What a hero the commissioner is to brave these terrible conditions!

* Why in God's name don't basketball teams (pro or collegiate) commit a possession foul when they are three points up with seconds left to play? The odds that their opponent makes the first and deliberately misses the second foul shot so it can get the rebound and make a tying basket are infinitesimal.

Well, while you are reading this, I'm probably settling down to watch more college basketball, some pro sports and the Senior Bowl, so I can opine about whom the Eagles should draft this year. The only decision I have to make is, should it be pizza, hamburgers or hoagies, or all of the above!

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