No bail for Galati on charges of ordering hits

Posted: January 29, 2014

A Philadelphia judge denied a bail request Monday for reputed mob associate Ronald Galati, who is being held on charges that he ordered the killings of three men.

Galati, 63, who worked at a South Philadelphia auto-body shop, has been held without bail since his arrest Dec. 13.

He is accused of ordering the murder of a rival auto-body-shop owner and that man's son for allegedly cooperating with authorities investigating possible insurance fraud connected to Galati. Those hits were never attempted.

Galati also is accused of ordering a hit on his daughter's boyfriend, who was shot but not killed outside his Atlantic City home in November. The gunmen were caught and told police Galati hired them, according to court documents.

Anthony J. Voci Jr., Galati's lawyer, said Monday evening that his client is in poor health and needs two surgeries that Galati's insurance would pay for if he was under house arrest.

Instead, the city will pay for his medical care while he remains behind bars, Voci said.

Voci also complained that a doctor working for the city denied a prescription drug recommended by Galati's personal doctor.

Because of his health issues, along with his family ties in the community, Galati is not a flight risk, Voci said.

Common Pleas Court Judge Charles A. Ehrlich sided with prosecutors to keep Galati locked up.

Voci said the allegations that his client is a mobster "just crumbled at Sixth and Market," referring to the federal courthouse where prosecutors failed to secure convictions against reputed mobsters Joseph Ligambi and George Borgesi. There was testimony at the trial connecting Galati to the mob.



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