Judge gets mixed report about rapper Meek Mill

Posted: February 03, 2014

PHILLY-BORN RAPPER Meek Mill beamed in court yesterday as his etiquette teacher told the judge what a good student he was, saying she'd "be proud to have him in my family, as a son or brother."

Mill, whose real name is Robert Williams, "is a thinker with big goals," Gail Madison, director of the Madison School of Etiquette and Protocol, said during the rapper's probation hearing.

But just like the ups and downs in show business, Mill's mood changed when prosecutor Noel DeSantis told Judge Genece E. Brinkley that the rapper had violated his probation by visiting a man jailed on murder charges. He posted a photo of himself and Thelonious Parker, the inmate, on Instagram, DeSantis said.

The rapper also recently tested positive for the pain medication Percocet - and he threw the bottle away, making it difficult to determine if it was his prescription, the annoyed prosecutor said.

"I understand he has a persona that he must keep, but that does not allow him to visit a criminal awaiting trial for murder, no matter how much it makes your street cred look better and your music sell more albums," DeSantis said.

Treas Underwood, Mill's probation officer, told the judge that Beverly Hills, Calif., police had to shut down a party the rapper hosted after the Grammys last weekend.

TMZ reported the party was "wild," and featured a camel, a lion and a slew of rappers, including Diddy, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.

A downcast Mill said a dentist gave him the Percocet prescription after a procedure in New York. He provided paperwork. He said he visited Parker in jail because they are relatives, and it was Christmas Eve. Besides, just about everybody he knows is on probation, said Mill, who told the judge he'd like to move away from Philly for safety reasons. "I have nothing that concerns my profession here," he said.

About an hour into the hearing, Mill noted that the nine probationers whose cases were heard before his were in and out of court quickly, making him believe he was being held to a different standard.

"Probation is supposed to help you, not just take away from you," said the rapper, who last year was ordered to take etiquette classes as part of the probation he has been on since 2009 for a drug and gun case.

"I'm really doing good. I have a 2-year-old son. I take care of my family. I have a job. . . . How could you possibly want me to go to jail right now?" asked Mill, who added that he bought food and presents for the needy over the holidays.

Brinkley said he was not going to jail but warned him not to visit any more inmates and to follow all of his probation requirements.

He'll comply, said his lawyer, Gary Silver. Mill's next court date is July 11.

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