Calif. lawsuit says Bucks social media site endangers minors

Posted: February 05, 2014

Saying a New Hope-based social media company's website endangers minors by allowing them to provide too much personal information, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera sued MeetMe Inc. in California Monday.

The lawsuit cites criminal cases around the nation in which adult men were either arrested for or convicted of sexual crimes against teenage girls they met through the site.

To make connections, members can search by age and geopersonal information, learning, for example, that another member is within 500 feet.

Even thought MeetMe denies adults access to teenagers' information, adults can lie about their ages, Herrera said.

The suit said MeetMe relies on the minors' consent for the distribution of the information - consent minors are not legally permitted to give in California.

The company declined to comment on the suit, but said in a statement, "We care deeply about the safety of all of MeetMe's users. We review hundreds of thousands of photos posted to our services every day, and we compare the information provided by our users to a sex-offender registry. We employ a 24-7 team that responds to reports from our users and works closely with law enforcement when appropriate to assist in their investigations."

MeetMe, now publicly-traded, was started in 2005 as MyYearbook by two then-high school students who convinced their older brother, Geoffrey Cook, now the chief executive, to bankroll them.



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